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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wanda Cinemas Investing in Hollywood, Representing a Strategic Step in Global Plans

Wanda Cinemas Investing in Hollywood, Representing a Strategic Step in Global Plans

BEIJING, May 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Paramount Pictures Corporation and Movie Media Group, a subsidiary of Wanda Cinema Line (002739), announced today that Movie Media and Wanda Cinema Line will co-finance Paramount's upcoming summer film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Produced by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes and directed by Dave Green, the cast includes Megan Fox as April O'Neil and Stephen Amell as Casey Jones. One of the summer's most anticipated films, the movie is scheduled to hit theaters on June 3 in the United States and worldwide in the weeks following.

The investment in TMNT: Out of the Shadows represents the first time that Wanda Cinema Line has invested in a Hollywood film as a worldwide investor, which represents a strategic step in its global plans.

Movie Media/CMM Films is a professional integrated marketing company specializing in movie investment, localized marketing and integrated advertising, and it will act as an important agent to spearhead Wanda Cinema Line's investment into Hollywood.

Catalyst for Wanda Cinema Line's global expansion, experience in localized marketing campaigns a key driver

CMM Films has vast experience and resources working with Paramount, following it's previous cooperative relationship with, and investments in, the films Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Interstellar (along with Warner Bros.), Terminator Genisys, and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. The overall global box office for these films has reached a total of US$1.84 billion.

In addition to movie investment, CMM Films also collaborated with the studio on comprehensive local marketing campaigns for Transformers: Age of Extinction and Terminator Genisys. Both movies' domestic box office revenue surpassed that of North America. Transformers: Age of Extinction's Chinese box office totally set a record of RMB1.97 billion, top of China's box office in 2014 for a U.S. Film.

During the promotional campaign of Terminator Genisys, CMM brought Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a beloved icon, to the stage of Voice (China version), one of the most popular variety shows in China. By Mr. Schwarzenegger announcing, "I am back", CMM set a precedent of bringing a Hollywood A-list talent to a local variety show and through doing this, it significantly raised the bar for localized marketing campaign for Hollywood films.

Cooperation among its subsidiaries, Wanda Cinema Line's global vision

Since its acquisition of Movie Media, Wanda Cinema Line's two core sub-brands, CMM Film and Wanda Cinema Media collaborate more than ever. Through CMM Film's investment into Hollywood films, combining with Wanda Cinema Media's top-notch film media resources, these two partners have developed a series of marketing opportunities including joint-promotions and merchandising. In the meantime, there has been broad interaction with the 60 million members of Wanda Cinema Line, not only increasing the brand value of the entire chain, but also realizing the jump in box office by working with the high-valued advertising media matrix and brands' promotion.

Brad Zhang, CEO of Movie Media says that Movie Media and Paramount have cooperated on many Hollywood blockbusters with great rapport, resulting in impressive figures at the box office. He believes that they will continue to produce successful results in future endeavors.

Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount, said in a statement: "The team at Movie Media, lead by Mr. Zhang, have showcased their tremendous marketing abilities on the launch of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film and we are very pleased to be again collaborating with them on this next installment of the franchise."

And last but not least, Wanda Cinema Line's investment in TMNT: Out of the Shadows underscores a vital strategic significance.

After the acquisition of AMC and Legendary, Wanda Cinema Line plans to continue to work with the major Hollywood studios and invest in their tent-poles. By doing so, it helps cement Wanda Cinema Line 's position as a top player in the global film industry.

With the gross from box office, DVD, pay-per-view, VOD and other global revenue-sharing business, Wanda Cinema Line can also utilize its own strengths and explores opportunities in producing and exporting high-quality domestic films. With a competitive edge, Wanda Cinema Line is steadily implementing its global vision.

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