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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Families Fight Back Against DAESH Recruitment

Families Fight Back Against DAESH Recruitment

LONDON, April 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

There is a new front in the fight against DAESH online. Specifically, to counter
DAESH's online recruitment techniques.

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FATE - Families Against Terrorism and Extremism - a consortium of charities, has
released two short viral films to help counter the current online DAESH narrative.

Produced by Global Influence - a new London-based strategic communications firm - the
films are part of a wider campaign that will culminate with a FATE Summit in Paris,
28-29th April 2016, where affected families will come together with the various
stakeholder charities.

A senior FATE spokesperson explains:

"FATE is here to help families protect and prevent their sons and daughters from
taking the first, and all too often, irreversible steps towards terrorism. These films are
designed to make our sons and daughters think twice before listening to the DAESH

FATE provides information, resources and a support network to families that risk
losing their children to terrorist groups.

The videos have been created in three languages, English, French and Arabic so that
the message can reach as many people as possible.  

The first film shows a Muslim family at the dinner table, with a plate laid for a son
who left to join DAESH. The family have given in to never seeing their son and brother
again but his mother hasn't given up hope that he will return.

In the second film, the message to young people is that you can stand strong in the
face of DAESH, that you are not alone.

The senior spokesperson for FATE says:

"We recognise the important role that families can play in countering violent
extremism.  They can educate young people and help prevent them from adopting extremist
ideologies. Families are vital to countering this threat. They are the support networks
and the role models. They are the true foot soldiers in this information war against the

FATE is working in communities across Europe to prevent radicalisation, counter
violent extremism and support families in the fight back against terrorism.

More information can be found at

For media, please email : one of the Founding network
organisations will reply

Global Influence is a strategic communications consultancy that provides cutting-edge
solutions for charities, NGOs and governments operating within high-stakes environments.
Global Influence's services include research, strategy and behaviour change intervention.


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