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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tech Startup That Brings Families Together Through Media, Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Tech Startup That Brings Families Together Through Media, Launches Indiegogo Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CINEMOOD, a tech startup that has developed a kid-friendly portable mini cinema projector, will launch an Indiegogo campaign on April, 19th. Besides bringing their product to the US market, the company hopes that the campaign will ignite conversation concerning healthier media consumption habits among families.

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Studies show that on average children in the US spend more than 32 hours a week watching television. Michael Bukhovtsev, CEO of CINEMOOD and father of two, was looking for an alternative that gave his kids the opportunity to interact with technology in a more dynamic and engaging way.

After two years of prototyping and development CINEMOOD was born. A portable kid-friendly projector, CINEMOOD enables users to turn any blank wall or ceiling into a brilliant personal theater. Families can watch pre-selected cartoons and digital books, listen to audio fairy tales, look through family albums from their social media accounts, or even use the device to beam creative play environments onto the walls and ceiling of a room, or to perform shadow puppet shows.

CINEMOOD has already seen success with its first product version in Europe, and now the company feels ready to expand into the US market; the upcoming Indiegogo campaign will act as the first step into the States. Already things seem to be going well, after only four days of exhibiting at CES in Las Vegas this year, the company saw interest in the product instantly with bringing overall online pre-order count to well over 15,000.

"Watching filmstrips and telling stories with a family was a tradition that I grew up with and loved. With the rapid growth of new media, however, this tradition and its ability to bring parents and children together has been lost. I thought it would be exciting to restore such old traditions and merge them with new media. By reimagining content delivery, we essentially bring families closer together," says Bukhovtsev, about the impact of CINEMOOD.

In order to meet the needs of families, CINEMOOD is designed to be as multifunctional as possible. The latest version of the device comes ready with content that has been carefully selected by educators and child psychologists. Om Nom Stories (Zeptolab), Kit^n^Kate, Qumi-Qumi (Toonbox), Hooplakidz, and KikOriki are just a few of the names featured on CINEMOOD. What's more, users can watch their own content through the device via Wi-Fi or USB. Whether it be audio fairy tales, digital books, movies, cartoons or photos, CINEMOOD's engaging content brings families together and ensures a quality media experience that is suitable for all ages. Indeed, parents need to wind down too, and CINEMOOD is the perfect toy for grownups as well as for the kids.

CINEMOOD also comes with a companion app that allows users to control the device remotely. Parents can limit the amount of time their children interact with the device, or can send their kids video messages while they are out of the house.

"I want my children to have many memorable moments, and a happy childhood that they will carry with them forever," says Bukhovtsev, "that's why we created CINEMOOD--in order to honor the magic of childhood, and share it with our families as well as others."

Learn more about CINEMOOD on our website, and follow the campaign on Indiegogo starting on April, 19th.

CINEMOOD is a cloud-connected mini cinema projector, designed especially for families. Project magic into your home and enjoy carefully curated cartoons, audiobooks, digital booksand fairytale adventures, brought to you by one simple device. To learn more about CINEMOOD, please visit us at www.cinemood.comand check out our media-kit.

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