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Friday, July 08, 2016

Speakeasy Live Show First Episode

Speakeasy Live Show First Episode

Live Cannabis Talk Show

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., July 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- And so begins a lively and innovative cannabis show! Speakeasy Live Show discusses hot topics in the cannabis industry, particularly focused on topics including cannabusiness, politics, and celebrity entertainment. Hosted by cannabis attorney, Chris Glew, and comedy educator, Medicinal Mike, the two kicked off the series with a smokey beginning!

This episode, they brought on NFL player, Boo Williams, and cannabis activist, Bobby Black:

"NFL could be a curse and a blessing... Trust me. Everybody knows. Yeah we do [smoke]. You got tested one time a year, hell you can smoke all year. 'Cause I know soon as practice was over I had a blunt rolled in my ash tray...ready to smoke a blunt as soon as I left, because I had to de-stress." -Boo Williams

"Everybody was afraid to get a High Times subscription. They thought they were going to be on the government blacklist," Glew. "The top five questions that people asked when they found out I worked at High Times... that was one of them." - Bobby Black

"Four young men went from winning two awards on the stage and were arrested within half an hour... They're saying they had undercover police running all over the medication section of the High Times," Medicinal Mike. "That is the case. Even back in the day... there's no avoiding that. You just have to be cautious and careful." - Bobby Black

Find the members of the show and their entire team at this weekend's festival, Chalice. The cast will perform a live show both Friday and Saturday, followed by a trip to The Reserve dispensary in Santa Ana on Sunday for their 710 event. Find their episodes, highlights, and recaps on their YouTube channel:

And find more information on their new and improved website,!

About Speakeasy Live Show: Speakeasy Live Show is one of the newest talk shows discussing today's hottest topic: cannabis. Learn more about this the legal, political, and entertainment side of the industry with Speakeasy Live Show.

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