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Monday, July 11, 2016

Shiseido Announces New Product in Commemoration of "Benefique" 20th Anniversary

Shiseido Announces New Product in Commemoration of "Benefique" 20th Anniversary

- Brand Muse Yuri Ebihara Unveils Secrets for Keeping Moisture in Skin: Warmth, Reveals Her Special Herb Tea Recipe, Movie Shows Ebihara in Her Infancy and School Days -

TOKYO, July 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Shiseido Co., Ltd. has launched a new product in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of "Benefique," the company's brand only available at its select stores. "Benefique" is a beauty and lifestyle brand taking advantage of the company's proprietary skin temperature-based regimen called "Thermal Beauty Care".

As a special guest to a product launch meeting on June 24, 2016, Ms. Yuri Ebihara, an immensely popular fashion model and "Benefique" brand muse, introduced Hydro Genius, a new high moisturizing serum, and also talked about how she kept her skin as beautiful as it is in everyday life.

Also during the meeting, a new "Benefique" brand movie, "Make People Warm and Beautiful -- Emotion Version," was released in commemoration of the 20th anniversary.


- Making public pictures showing Ms. Ebihara in her infancy and school days. A new beauty serum helps get an ideal skin close to her son's.

After seeing herself in her infancy in the new brand movie, "Make People Warm and Beautiful -- Emotion Version," featuring her as a brand muse, Ms. Ebihara made a motherly comment, saying, "I was born a twin and tiny and was the source of troubles for my parents. As I see my being a baby from the perspective of a mother, feelings much different from what I felt before conjured up."

About pictures taken in her school days, she said, "I was busy swimming in the primary school and playing basketball in the high school. I began modeling as I was a college student and that's when I began to pay attention to beauty care." Ms. Ebihara, who was fond of taking exercise in school, now does yoga and workout as well. She said, "I'm exercising not because I have to but because I enjoy it." She then made a remark mindful of paying attention to beauty care in her everyday life. "For health as well as for beauty care, I'm trying not to cool my body down."

About "Hydro Genius" moisturizing essence which was just introduced, Ms. Ebihara said, "After using it, I felt skin lotion which I usually use penetrated well, giving my skin a lot more moisture. I felt as though my skin became a lot like my son's skin which is always warm and smooth."

- Ms. Ebihara, a certified herbal therapist, unveils a special herb tea recipe.

Ms. Ebihara talked about what she does to stay healthy and beautiful while playing multiple roles as a model, a mother, and a wife. She apparently paid extra attention to her son's health, not to mention her own health, constantly serving him organic food. Concerning food, she said, "We try to eat body-warming food such as root vegetables. Since I happen to be an herb devotee, I make sure my family drinks warm herb tea as we wake up in the morning." During the product launch, Ms. Ebihara presented to members of the press herb tea, which she blended, together with an original recipe.

In closing words, Ms. Ebihara said, "As I do relate very much to Benefique's new message about making people warm and beautiful, I am very happy to model for its advertisement. I believe the Benefique brand makes the life of women beautiful and glorious. I too would like to be a woman who continues to glow and be attractive, both socially and personally."

Outline of the movie

Title: "Make People Warm and Beautiful -- Emotion Version"
Length: 60 seconds
Broadcasting start: June 24, 2016
Performer: Ms. Yuri Ebihara
Movie website:

Website for product picture and official still picture download: (PW) BQ0624

Website for Video download: (PW) BQ0624

SOURCE Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.

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