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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Lightspeed Design, Inc. Launches DepthQ® Virtual Reality Film Experience

Lightspeed Design, Inc. Launches DepthQ® Virtual Reality Film Experience

BELLEVUE, Wash., June 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightspeed Design, Inc. announced today the launch of its newest endeavor, the DepthQ(®) VR Film Experience.

DepthQ(®) VR Film Experience is both a technology and an immersive film experience, enhanced with motion. It is a developing creative effort of Lightspeed Design that unites our well-seasoned talent for storytelling and technological expertise to create fresh and exciting location-based branded experiences for companies worldwide.

Experience -1- The engineered virtual reality ride platform takes you on a gentle yet fantastical 90 frames-per-second flight through an imaginary environment where videos appear on enormous structures and screens floating in mid-air, ending with a splash down in a mesmerizing reflecting pool. The experience is designed to be themed to accommodate brand messaging.

DepthQ(®) VR Player is our high performance virtual reality media server supporting uncompromised color, resolution, and 90fps playback for Oculus Rift. The DepthQ(®) VR Player utilizes our custom DQVR codec along with 4:4:4 color and CUDA real-time processing to deliver an amazingly fluid 360° VR film environment.

DepthQ(® )VR Player

-- Currently supports Oculus DK2 (75FPS) and CV1 (90fps)
-- Decodes Above/Below 3K x 4K stereoscopic movies (3K x 2K per eye) to
HMD's native resolution
-- Codec is fast enough for oversampling - 3K x 4K movies actually contain
higher resolution than required for 1:1 pixel mapping
-- Integration with motion bases is in development
Sample the DepthQ(®) VR Film Experience at:

Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ(®), located in Bellevue, WA, USA, is an experienced technology and content provider who has successfully commercialized numerous visualization products, including digital cinema equipment, virtual reality, surgical display technology, video capture & playback software, and portable 3D video projectors. DepthQ(®) is our respected stereoscopic technology brand, trusted by the most discerning clientele.

Lightspeed developed technology for digital cinemas that is currently utilized by 2,000 movie theaters around the world and is certified by six major Hollywood studios.

DepthQ(® )is a registered trademark of Lightspeed Design, Inc.

For further information, please contact: Chris Ward, President, Lightspeed Design, Inc.: +1-425-637-2818, or visit the website or contact the sales department by email.

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