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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Binary Hertz to Perform at The Tre3Hau5 in Denver on June 18th

Binary Hertz to Perform at The Tre3Hau5 in Denver on June 18th

Upcoming Performance in Colorado Follows Successful Debut in April in Arizona Opening for Infected Mushroom

DENVER, June 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Following its successful debut live performance opening for Infected Mushroom on April 29 at The Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ as part of the Animatronica Live Tour sponsored by Relentless Beats, Binary Hertz will be performing at The Tre3Hau5 (TreeHouse) in Denver, CO on Saturday, June 18 (from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am).

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Binary Hertz was formed in 2014 by Jeremy Miller and Matty Spangler, two well-known artists and producers in the EDM, Progressive and Electro music scene, who brought their collective music talents together in Southern California to form the group. Binary Hertz productions are released through SoCal based Radioactive Records, which is an American music label owned and operated by Emerald City Management Partners, a private equity, marketing and public relations firm based in Seattle, WA.

Binary Hertz upcoming live performance in Denver (on June 18, 2016) marks a return of sorts to Colorado for Jeremy and Matty.

In fact, in a recent interview with Relentless Beats, Matty Spangler discussed how a chance event in Colorado helped to bring Matty and Jeremy together to form Binary Hertz. "We ran into one another on the top of a mountain (literally) in Colorado at a private event, not realizing that we knew one another from a decade ago until a few hours into our conversation. We spent most of that night in Jeremy's truck listening to his original production and I really liked it, and I am a picky one. After we basically ignored the entire party listening to his music in the truck, he invited me to his studio in Boulder. A month or so went by and I finally made it out there, and I was really impressed. Fast forward a few months and a few tracks later, he invited me to join his project Binary Hertz. I happily accepted and we packed our stuff and moved to Cali to chase the dream. Really, the inspiration came from our mutual taste in music. Our similar backgrounds as successful DJ's and passion for dance music allowed both of us the courage to give this project a serious push."

Jeremy Miller already has a strong connection to Colorado which goes back many years. As "DJ N10CT", Jeremy consistently played at clubs in Denver and Boulder for several years, and also spent time VIP hosting in clubs in Denver.

After returning from its highly successful debut performance in April in front of a raucous audience at The Pressroom in Phoenix, Binary Hertz continues to stay busy in its Southern Cal studio, recently releasing "Into the Night", a high energy track which breaks out into mayhem, and combines Electro House, Glorified 8bit, Rise & Fall, and Progressive Touched. In a recent article by Logan Rasmussen for Relentless Beats titled "Binary Hertz Smacks Us In The Face With Their Hot New Track 'Into The Night'...", he writes "Fresh off the hard drive, "Into The Night" not only features interesting percussion elements throughout the song, but has our favorite high-frequency synths....laced with some heavy creative innovation in the drops....they seemed to have struck gold on maintaining a sound that would appeal to the general audience, yet retaining the spirit and vision of their artistry." This new release and others can be found on the official Binary Hertz YouTube channel ( and official Binary Hertz Facebook page (

For more information, please contact Patrick Boss at Radioactive Records by email or 310-894-6901.

About Binary Hertz

The vision of Binary Hertz is to embrace the current styles of EDM while at the same time influencing the next generation of dance music. Binary Hertz is more than just another DJ or production group. Binary Hertz is creating a platform, one piece at a time, which will revolutionize dance music as we know it today by utilizing our collective professional talents as musicians, DJ's, producers, studio engineers, and promoters. Not only will these traits contribute to the production of dance music of the highest quality, they will also positively impact the dance music community in its entirety.

Our monthly podcast featuresour latest tracks along with the newest and best dance music from across the globe. Along with some popular DJ "hammers", a large portion of our musical focus (of our podcast) will be to find a "diamond in the rough" amongst the thousands of tracks released upon the world each day. We will dig deeply to find new artists and labels to help showcase them to the dance music community.

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