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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 Gardening and Interior Design Tips and Trends From Wave® Petunias and HGTV's Kelly Edwards

2016 Gardening and Interior Design Tips and Trends From Wave® Petunias and HGTV's Kelly Edwards

Wave Petunias and Kelly Edwards Team Up to Talk Accessorizing for the Home with Container Gardening and Design

WEST CHICAGO, Ill., June 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Wave Petunias, the very best in easy spreading, bright, bold colors for gardens, is the perfect option for sprucing up an outdoor space this season. Gardens, patios and balconies have never been the same, thanks to Wave petunias amazing trailing all-season color and virtually care-free performance. Similar to adding a pop of color with a pillow or outdoor rug, Wave Petunias are an easy way to incorporate style into a space through container gardening.

"An outdoor space is an extension of one's home, so why not fill it with beautiful, fun, colorful accessories that make us happy," said Claire Watson of Wave Petunias. "Gardening is an enjoyable, relatively simple way to revamp an outdoor space, especially when planting with Wave Petunias. With little maintenance required and the ability to spread color, your outdoor space will soon become the favorite room in your home."

To celebrate gardening season, Wave Petunias partnered with Chelsea Garden Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a petunia-planting party and meet-and-greet with HGTV star Kelly Edwards. Claire Watson of Wave Petunias taught guests container gardening tips, incorporating seasonal trends for small space gardening.


1. To start gardening with Wave, first pick your planter to create a
foundation that reflects your personal style. I love bold patterns or
pops of color to brighten up the space. Another way to spice up your
planter is by incorporating texture into the design. Many trendy planters
incorporate ridges and other designs to create a unique look. Remember to
look for containers with a drainage hole at the bottom so your plants
don't get waterlogged. Your planter is the base of your container
gardening creation, so have fun with it and express yourself!
2. Once you have selected your planter, add potting mix to your container
and fill it up to the top, leaving about one inch of space. If you have a
large container (14 inches or more) but want to keep it lightweight, you
can always add a few small empty plastic water bottles or
non-biodegradable Styrofoam packing pieces to the bottom of the container
to take up some space.
3. One of the most enjoyable parts of the process is adding the plants to
your container. Mix and match different colors to create a certain mood
with your container. New shades from Wave for 2016 include Yellow,
Silver, Pink Passion, and Red Velour. Add in textural items or height
elements to break up the flowers and add dimension. I recommend sticking
to the rule of three when designing your planter. For instance, plant
three of the same plant in different colors or three different plants of
the same color scheme. Your container will look chic and beautiful. Once
you have planted all your plants the soil should be almost to the top of
the container
4. To keep your plants healthy and blooming, regular water and full sunlight
is needed. Make sure the soil stays moist but not waterlogged. To test
this, put your finger down two inches into the soil and see if it's dry
beneath the surface. Water near the soil as opposed to the flowers or
leaves, because plants absorb water at their roots.
5. To keep your hands clean, invest in a pair of gloves or a no-chip
manicure! You don't need to sacrifice your hand's sense of fashion for
your container gardening.
6. Think about your outdoor lighting as much as you think about the inside.
Strung lights on a patio or balcony can completely change the look of
your space.
7. Mix styles. Wicker furniture paired with a modern coffee table or a
modern plant stand can make the look more interesting and less expected.
8. The best gift to give a hostess this summer is a gorgeous plant that they
can put on their porch or balcony. It's the gift that that keeps on
For video tutorials, how-to guides, and even more inspiration for your garden this year, Wave provides you with all the tools you need to make the neighbors stop and take notice. Visit

ABOUT WAVE: The Wave Family has provided gardeners with easy-spreading color since the introduction of Wave petunias in 1995. The five series of petunias -- Original Wave, Tidal Wave, Double Wave, Easy Wave and Shock Wave -- offers dramatic color, exceptionally long bloom time, and fantastic mounding and trailing habits for garden beds and containers. Joining the Wave Family in 2012, Cool Wave pansies provide the same vigorous spreading and trailing habits with the addition of hardiness and vibrant color during the cool seasons. For more information, visit

ABOUT KELLY EDWARDS: Lifestyle Expert Kelly Edwards is best known for hosting the successful HGTV series, "Design on a Dime" as well as STYLE Network's "Tacky House". In addition to being seen weekly on television, Kelly has been the design expert for Shelter Pop, host of EDITOR AT LARGE and currently the host and home design expert for THE DESIGN NETWORK'S new series "DIY House Call". The celebrity designer offers dwellers with decorating dilemmas distinctive design tips, bargain-decorating projects, and total home makeover transformations inspired by her personal style and popular trends. Kelly is well known for her knack in re-purposing everyday items into extraordinary collectibles, creating accessible design while working within budget constraints, and crafting recipes for cleaning solutions. Currently, Kelly resides in sunny California and has a design book out called "Design Cookbook: Recipes for a Stylish Home" that has topped Amazon's best sellers list.

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