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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hoboken Film Festival Premieres Four Stonestreet Studios Pilots Including Videola with Sean Young, End It All Now with Zach Galligan, Big City Casting with Ashley Skidmore

Hoboken Film Festival Premieres Four Stonestreet Studios Pilots Including Videola with Sean Young, End It All Now with Zach Galligan, Big City Casting with Ashley Skidmore

NEW YORK, May 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Stonestreet Studios is returning to The 2016 Hoboken Film Festival, opening day, Saturday, June 4th with four new pilots spanning from mystery thriller to comedy.

"Alyssa Rallo Bennett and Gary O. Bennett of Stonestreet Productions have proven to be a substantial asset to the talent development and professional growth of scores of young actors and filmmakers. They have produced a number of movies - and now TV pilots - working with and overseeing this future industry talent. Skilled direction, writing and producing delivered by the Bennetts has resulted in multiple projects becoming Hoboken International Film Festival ("HIFF") Official Selections over the years, beginning with The Pack in 2008. This year, HIFF audiences will be treated with five Stonestreet productions, including the worldwide premiere of Videola, a TV pilot starring Sean Young," said Kenneth Del Vecchio, Chairman, Hoboken International Film Festival.

Videola, new mystery thriller pilot, is to be presented on opening day of the festival at the Paramount Theater in Middletown, NY. #1 Videola Rising Sun trailer can be viewed at Rising Sun TRAILER#1, and #2 Videola Amazing Grace trailer can be viewed at Amazing Grace TRAILER#2.

In Videola, created by Stonestreet founders Alyssa Rallo Bennett and Gary O. Bennett, Sean Young (Blade Runner, Dune, Ace Ventura, Wall Street, Stripes) plays the mother of three, Michael Pemberton (Bridge of Spies, The Affair, Veep) co-stars with Janet Zarish (Blue Bloods, Forever, Law & Order, One Life to Live), Gil Zabarsky (Teacher of the Year, Tenured) who plays her conflicted, troubled but quirky son and newcomers Jordan Myrick, Adrienne Pluta, Alexia Martin, Johanna Lee, Taylor Pfenning and Samantha Rothermel, who plays the missing sister and her twin along with a cast of nine other exciting new young talents coming out of Stonestreet Studios Conservatory.

"Working under Alyssa's direction, in something that Gary wrote, is really like no other experience. Gary's world is 1/3 Twin Peaks, 1/3 Raymond Chandler, and 1/3 intangible Gary Bennett, and Alyssa knows exactly how to navigate that world," said Gil Zabarsky.

Michael Pemberton, who has worked with the Bennetts in their feature The Pack aka Smoking | Non-Smoking, commented, "They have created a compelling and layered world that poses ethical, moral and philosophical questions that are definitely relevant in our increasingly complex world society. I look forward to working with Alyssa again to plumb the depths of a world in which my character can possibly wind up pulling all the strings." Videola features original music by Kevin Kendrick (A Big Yes & A Small No) and "House of the Rising Sun" vocals by Bay Li, lead singer of The Skins.

End It All Now is a comedy about savvy, smart, twisted students and Mr. Knox, their lost advisor with his hands beyond full. A Bennett pilot collaboration that stars Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Jennifer McCabe (The Pack, Law & Order, The Americans), and nine young rising actors including: Sarah Rose Humphrey, Jon Latz, Adrienne Santos Reynolds, Brittany Singer, Jessica Smith, Nikita Tewani, Austin Thompson, Mia Topalian and Meredith Travers.

"Working on End It All Now was a fulfilling and exciting opportunity for me. I had worked with Alyssa Rallo Bennett before on her film Smoking/Nonsmoking, but then I was only one part of an ensemble. This time around, my character had to carry the pilot, so it was reassuring to be reunited with a director who knew and understood my strengths and weaknesses as an actor. I'm proud of my work in the short, and I hope the story continues for many, many more episodes," said Zach Galligan.

Big City Casting, a comedy written & directed by Ted Sluberski, chronicles the real life craziness of two casting directors, played by Tommy Alsip and Ashley Skidmore, currently a writer on TV Land's new series Younger.

Party At Micah's is a comedic musical pilot and series written & directed by Chris Modoono (Netflix: Tenured, Teacher of the Year), that features Jojo Nwoko, Vardaan Arora, Talia Rosenberg and Olivia Ross. Chris has a new feature in the works with Fox Digital, and a pilot It's a Hit at the upcoming Series Fest in Denver along with co-writer/actor Gil Zabarsky.

Toxic Shock, a short directed by Eric LaPlante and written by Kelly Hutchinson, that came out of their longtime relationship and collaboration with NYU Tisch School of the Arts Drama Stonestreet trained actors and NYU Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing Screenplay winners.

ABOUT Stonestreet Studios

Stonestreet Studios ( will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary next year as a New York City based, fully operative, multi-purpose, visual production studio, founded by wife and husband, award-winning producer, writer and director team Alyssa Rallo Bennett and Gary O. Bennett. The studios are home to Stonestreet Productions, an independent film production company creating feature films, TV pilots, web series and short form content, and the Stonestreet Conservatory, the exclusive screen acting and production program of the New York University Tisch School of the Arts Drama Department. Stonestreet films explore the passions, eccentricities, politics and humor of character driven, no holds barred stories that seek to entertain and enlighten. The conservatory trains actors, writers and directors in the art of screen acting and filmmaking within the professional environment of an independent film studio, empowering them to become producers of their own work and careers.

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