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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pollinator Films Releases Indie Hit Comedy "The Bad Mother" Just in Time for Mother's Day

Pollinator Films Releases Indie Hit Comedy "The Bad Mother" Just in Time for Mother's Day

"The Bad Mother": Just in Time for Mother's Day!

HAMILTON, Canada, April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Pollinator Films today announced their dramatic comedy The Bad Mother is now available for rent, purchase and gift worldwide via Video On Demand at

The acclaimed film stars a real family and tells the story of Tara, a mid-30s woman who has to lean out of her career to take care of her kids. The lid of her frustration is blown off when her five-year-old son accidentally posts a private rant she wrote about her husband's evil workplace to the Internet. Tara and her family must deal with the dizzying consequences which include drug cocktails, the humbling eye of her own mother, and a reunion with her ex-boyfriend, played by superfood "rock star" David Avocado Wolfe.

Made in Canada with Canadian cast and crew, The Bad Mother was filmed in Hamilton, ON and Creston, BC and is screening on Father's Day as part of the Niagara Integrated Film Festival in St. Catharines on June 19, 2016.

Teaser Trailer:

Full Trailer:

Clip 1: Tara's mom informs her that she's looking older.

Clip 2: Tara's best friend Joan questions her sanity.

Clip 3: Tara's ex-boyfriend and old colleague Francis (played by David Avocado Wolfe) misses her.

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The film about the stresses of work vs. kids has made audiences both laugh and cry, often at the same time.

"None of it's true and all of it's true," laughs writer and star Sarah Kapoor. "I knew there was a hungry audience for this film, but there was no movie out there for them," says Kapoor, who literally put in her blood, sweat and tears to make the film.

For working moms (and Dads!) and stay-at-home Moms alike, this totally relatable, yet totally fantastic Kickstarter-backed film has had audiences literally ROFL.

"Flowers die. And unless you're writing the poem, cards are trash waiting to happen," says Director / Producer David J. Fernandes who is encouraging gifting the movie to hard working moms this Mother's Day.

Written and starring Sarah Kapoor and her whole family, the film was co-directed and co-produced by Pollinator Films' David J. Fernandes and Sarah Kapoor, and financed completely independently.

The movie has already been nominated for Best Feature, Best Actress and won Best Cinematography Prize at the Hamilton Film Festival. Audiences have loved the creative soundtrack featuring indie musicians Cobario, interwoven with powerhouses Bonnie Tyler and Doris Day.

Movie-goers are calling it a "must-see" and saying, "I laughed, I cried, I peed a little."


Jenny Vásquez
Executive Assistant

About Pollinator Films

Pollinator Films Inc. is the creative collaboration between Sarah Kapoor and David J. Fernandes. They write, direct, and produce thought-provoking content. The Bad Mother is the company's first feature film.

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