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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

VapeCraft,Inc Interviews Aaron Biebert, Director of the Upcoming Documentary 'A Billion Lives'

VapeCraft,Inc Interviews Aaron Biebert, Director of the Upcoming Documentary 'A Billion Lives'

During the Recent Interview, Biebert Discussed his Motivation to Make the Documentary, the Tobacco Industry and the Truth about the Growing Vaping Industry

SAN DIEGO, April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The founders of VapeCraft,Inc, a vape juice and e-juice manufacturer, are pleased to announce that they just completed an interview with Aaron Biebert, director of the upcoming documentary "A Billion Lives."

As a spokesperson for noted, the A Billion Lives documentary goes into a lot of detail about the Big Tobacco and Pharma industries and how they seem determined to detour vaping and e-cigs.

When asked about his motivation to create the documentary, Biebert said he was inspired by his friends' interest in vaping and his great concern about the one billion people who are projected to die early this century from smoking.

"Since those initial feelings, the topic has become very personal to me. I've become friends with many former smokers that quit through the use of vapor technology. I feel like I'm fighting for their lives," Biebert said, adding that as a non-smoker and non-vaper, he wanted to make an objective film about the topic.

As for what can be done by the general public to help keep a wide variety of e-cigarettes and flavors on the market, Biebert said changing public perception of vaping is key. While he hopes that his documentary will help expose the positive side of vaping, he said fans of e-cigs must also do their part.

"It's going to take the community of vapers learning more, listening more, and finding ways to communicate about why they're vaping. It's not a fad, it's a way to quit smoking," he said.

To read the complete interview with Aaron Biebert from A Billion Lives, please visit the VapeCraft, Inc website.

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