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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Here's a new Source of Content

Here's a new Source of Content

NAIROBI, Kenya, April 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The African Media Initiative (AMI) and AFRICA24 MEDIA have teamed up to spread news
and feature content across the continent and beyond. The partnership establishes the
African Content Exchange (ACE), an avenue to access Pan African stories that will add
depth to broadcasters' programming, and create a new narrative for the continent.

Under a memorandum of understanding signed this week, the ACE will initially make
available to media houses dozens of features of international quality produced or curated
by producers of the AFRICA JOURNAL program. Broadcasters will be able to choose from this
and contribute a report themselves.

AMI and A24 media will together pursue a programme of outreach and promotion to media
houses across the continent who will be called upon to supply stories of African heroes,
solutions, culture, entertainment, sporting competitors and innovation.

"We want stories that uplift the human spirit and build the confidence of Africans as
players in the global market," said Eric Chinje, CEO of AMI. This is a multi-platform
initiative that will supply material for broadcasters, websites, newspapers and other
platforms to come.

"This service is designed to help us learn about our neighbours, provide positive
stories about African development, improve the quality of our reporting and the diversity
of our news and current affairs programs," said Asif Sheikh co-founder of A24.

Both organisations have called on media houses to "engage the professionals at AMI and
AFRICA24 MEDIA and you will find we are ready and willing to help you engage your audience
and develop your capacity".

AFRICA24 MEDIA Co-founder Asif Sheikh and AMI CEO Eric Chinje held a press conference
in Kenya this week to formally announce the partnership. A package on the announcement is
available for use on the link below:

See the following links for examples of the quality of reports that will be available:


[ ]



[ ]

To be part of the most revolutionary initiative of African media cooperation now
contact us at or or
call on +254 739 404 016.

AMI and AFRICA24 MEDIA...inspiring partners.  

Media Contact: 
Rose Moseti 


Africa24 Media

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