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Monday, April 18, 2016

1MORE Headphones Quickly Making Waves With Industry Experts And Consumers For The Company's High-Quality, High-Value Design Philosophy

1MORE Headphones Quickly Making Waves With Industry Experts And Consumers For The Company's High-Quality, High-Value Design Philosophy

1MORE USA, a consumer audio company, led by its disruptively low priced $100 Triple Driver In-Ear headphones recently topped the IEM rankings in a survey of 32 industry experts

SAN DIEGO, April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- 1MORE, a premier consumer electronics audio company which only launched in North America in late 2015, after selling more than 20 million units in China, is already making waves in the competitive North American consumer audio segment. 1MORE has quickly endeared itself to consumers and experts alike in just a few months by delivering on its promise to give its customers the highest quality sound technology at the lowest possible price. In a time when high-end audio product costs are skyrocketing 1MORE is bucking the trend by driving prices down while bringing quality up, and the industry and consumers have taken notice. From consumer reviews on Amazon to industry influencers like CNET, Digital Trends and Home Theatre Review, 1MORE's products have been universally praised.

Topping its line of affordable headphones is its flagship Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones, which sells for just $99 and outperforms similar products that cost hundreds more. The Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones feature patent pending technology that allows for a full-frequency, low-distortion premium audio experience. With three drivers, two balanced armatures dedicated to highs and a dynamic driver dedicated to mids and lows, the Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones offer a significant step up in sonic performance and clarity from other single and dual driver headphones in the same price range and higher. 1MORE's Triple Drivers allow listeners to hear music as the artist originally intended, which is no longer a luxury, but a 1MORE standard. 1MORE has recently launched five new products overall in the U.S., including four in-ear headphones and one over-ear headphone with more products planned; all targeted to upset the current pricing trend for high-quality audio products.

Industry Accolades:
1MORE's approach has received the attention of industry experts all over the world. In 2015 alone, 1MORE garnered a Red Dot award for design concept and a Computex Innovation Design Award, along with an IF concept design award already on the mantel from 2014. "Our experienced engineering team creates technology that doesn't just contend but challenges other global brands. By selling direct to consumers and cutting the fat, like excessive advertisement and insincere celebrity endorsements, we are able to keep our costs down while maintaining the highest standards in modern design," says 1MORE CEO Dave Russell. Experts agree, just three months after entering the North American market, 1MORE was named by Picky Ears as the top triple driver headphone for under $100 as voted by 32 industry experts and is receiving near perfect review scores across the board, from technology and audiophile reviewers - here is what some of them had to say:

"Brilliant sound and top-notch build quality." Ryan Waniata, Digital Trends

"Soundwise, the Triple Driver headphone is full and warm, but nicely detailed...natural sounding........a rare feat for a $100 headphone -- which is what the Triple Driver sells for." Steve Guttenberg, CNET

"The 1MORE E1001 triple-driver in-ear monitors can perform...on a level that wouldn't be out of place in a $1,000 in-ear monitor," Steven Stone, Home Theatre Review

Consumer Accolades:
"Our goal is to show the customer that 1MORE offers technology, fashion, and quality, which is something that can be available to everybody," says 1MORE President, Dave Russell. "1MORE brings a breath of fresh air in the way of real value to a traditionally commodity-oriented product line and industry," says Vice President Tim Burton. Consumers have greeted this philosophy with gusto. 1MORE products have consistently received near perfect customer review scores on consumer retail sites like Amazon. 1MORE has also been greeted with much fanfare by audio enthusiasts drawing large crowds to their booths at PEPCOM, CES and at CanJam where the 1MORE booth was the most popular amongst a bevy of established high-end audio companies.

"The CE headphone market is primed for a high quality manufacturer to come in with real value. Unfortunately, price hiking and design short cuts are the current norm. 1MORE is turning things upside down by offering our customers superior sound quality at surprisingly affordable prices," says 1MORE CEO Dave Russell. "In addition to our low price points, we are always finding ways to make it easier for consumers to buy our products, through promotions and seasonal price cuts. It's tax refund season and we want to prove that our Triple Drivers are the best $100 the government didn't get, so for a limited time, customers can get 10% off products site-wide on using the code '1MOREREFUND,'" said Russell. "We always side with our consumers, so we will continually be bringing out products that will have spectacular quality and surprising prices."

Corporate Trends
1MORE's corporate focus is on making reference-quality audio products that are available to everyone and intends on expanding on its initial success in North America using this philosophy. For example, 1MORE has plans for three new products slated for Q3 and Q4, including a wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphone and a Bluetooth active sports hook in-ear headphone among them, all aimed to further disrupt headphone pricing schemes.

In addition, 1MORE has plans to expand their strategic partnership with Swarovski to add more colors and styles to their fashionable Single Driver In-Ear Headphones that feature Swarovski Crystals. 1MORE is also planning to continue to be the driving acoustic force behind MISFIT audio products - a wearable technology company. MISFIT already features headphones powered by 1MORE in their line. In addition, a Time Magazine feature recently revealed that 1MORE is backed by Xiaomi, the Chinese handset giant, saying of 1MORE, "They're already recognized for making some of the best audio products in the world. They've been winning both design and audiophile awards around the world." With these partnerships and backing, 1MORE is geared to take a huge bite of the headphone market share.

1MORE is also committed to bringing consumers the highest quality technology at the lowest possible price. One way they do this is by not pouring money into expensive or excessive advertising and focusing their efforts on their customers and products. In order to stay true to this philosophy 1MORE will be rolling out a brand ambassador and affiliate sales program to help spread the word about the brand without overspending on advertising.

1MORE's approach has broken the unspoken rule in the headphone market - that high-quality headphones have to be expensive and affordable headphones are destined to have bad designs. 1MORE is challenging the status quo by solving the issue of creating high-quality headphones at affordable prices through the use of proprietary patented designs and manufacturing. 1MORE is relentlessly developing core components and coordinating efficiently with their production lines. This "in-house" approach results in a straight-to-consumer quality-controlled product, which is much more streamlined and cost effective than other brands that inefficiently Frankenstein multiple ODM parts in their headphones.

Products currently available in the 1MORE USA line include:

-- Single Driver In-Ear Headphone ($29.99)
-- Dual Driver In-Ear Headphone ($69.99)
-- Crystal Single Driver In-Ear Headphone - Dual Pack ($79.99)
-- MK801 Over-Ear Headphones ($79.99)
-- Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones ($99.99)
The products are available for sale on and the 1MORE USA website ( Coming soon: 1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones. 1MORE will also be introducing a high end lightning in-ear headphone by Q3/Q4.

1MORE USA, established in August of 2014, was the brainchild of President, Dave Russell, and VP, Tim Burton, who leveraged their knowledge of the consumer technology industry and overseas sourcing experience to partner with 1MORE China. The sole purpose is to bring 1MORE China's proven successful approach to consumer audio product design and development to the North American market. "Our goal is to occupy a new space in the world's audio market by giving our users quality, affordability, style, and community," says CEO and Co-Founder, Gary Hsieh. 1MORE China was co-founded in 2013 by Hsieh, a former Foxconn executive who was instrumental in producing products like the Kindle and iPod. Disillusioned with low-value contract manufacturing, Hsieh wanted to develop a unique brand that would dispel the belief that products made-in-China couldn't be of both excellent quality and value. From this idea, 1MORE was born.

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