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Friday, August 12, 2016

CMG is alarmed CBC/Radio-Canada is cutting service to minority Francophone communities

CMG is alarmed CBC/Radio-Canada is cutting service to minority Francophone communities

TORONTO, Aug. 11, 2016 /CNW/ - The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is disappointed to learn that CBC/Radio-Canada is cutting important radio programming that serves minority French language communities in Western Canada.

CMG, which represents Radio-Canada workers outside of Québec, has learned that the daily local 30-minute noon-hour news and public affairs show will no longer be produced and heard in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

"We are alarmed the CBC is eliminating original local programming that Francophones in Western Canada rely on. The decision to cut important programming that serves Francophone communities is ill-advised," says Carmel Smyth, President of the Canadian Media Guild. "Francophones in each province rely on Radio-Canada radio, and in many cases, can't necessarily afford or don't have adequate access to Internet and streaming for online service. It's also insensitive to cut the programming and fill the time slot with shows from Montreal."

Smyth added that the cuts come at a time when CBC/Radio-Canada has been given extra funding: "This is money the union hoped would be used to enhance local news and programming, including radio and television which surveys show continue to be more popular than online programming alone," she said.

CMG also points out that CBC/Radio-Canada management chose to announce to staff these cuts during the Olympics, a time when Canadians have extra reason to appreciate the work our members do and the public broadcaster's proud history of uniting Canadians by providing them with comprehensive, bilingual programming no matter where they live.

SOURCE Canadian Media Guild

Canadian Media Guild

CONTACT: Jeanne d'Arc Umurungi (, Communications Director, CMG, 416-708-4628

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