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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Som Livre and Rio 2016 release "Alma e Coracao," theme song of the Olympics

Som Livre and Rio 2016 release "Alma e Coracao," theme song of the Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO, July 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- "I know what I want in this life, and nothing comes easy, brother / Without sweat what we can accomplish comes to nothing / It's always time to make something better happen / And your time will come." These are the first verses of Alma e Coracao ('Soul and Heart'), selected as the theme song for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Fusing samba and rap, the song is sung by Thiaguinho and Projota. The production is by Tropkillaz - a duo made up of the DJs Andre Laudz and Ze Gonzalez - and Nave. The release occurred last Sunday, July 3 - check it out at:

Produced by Conspiracao and directed by Fred Ouro Preto, the clip for "Alma e Coracao" exhibits the Olympic spirit both inside and outside the arenas. It features four young athletes - Antonio, Eva, Rayssa and Felipe - who appear in track events, artistic gymnastics, swimming and boxing, respectively. In images, they show the evolution of their training and their dream of taking part in the Olympics. Thiaguinho and Projota are also in the video, letting loose in the Olympic Stadium, which is one of the main locations in the clip. The footage was shot in two days at different spots in the city, including the community of Vidigal.

The music was chosen from dozens received at Som Livre by composers from all over Brazil, because its lyrics hold messages of victory, perseverance and dedication. Originally a rap song written by Leo da Baixada, Victor Reis and Rodrigo Marques, it was adapted to a more Brazilian feel, blending rhythms that are the trademark of the country.

"We're very pleased with the result for Alma e Coracao. It's a wonderful portrayal of the country's positive attitude, and the struggle of ordinary Brazilians in life's great arenas, athletic and otherwise. Musically, we have a mix of local genres like carioca funk, paulista hip-hop and samba, as well as strong international influences. The 100% Brazilian performance is an indication of the huge diversity and artistic talent of Brazil," explains Marcelo Soares, CEO of Som Livre.

Technical sheet - Clip "Alma e Coracao"

Authors: Victor Reis, Leo da Baixada and Rodrigo Marques
Vocals: Thiaguinho and Projota
Musicalproduction - Tropkillaz and Nave
Masterization: Carlos Freitas (Classic Master)
Produced by: Conspiracao

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