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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Huahua Media Collaborates With Paramount To Promote Star Trek Beyond Through Marketing Localization

Huahua Media Collaborates With Paramount To Promote Star Trek Beyond Through Marketing Localization

SAN DIEGO, July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Star Trek Beyond, the third movie in the franchise reboot, premiered as an IMAX event at San Diego Comic-Con last night. The premiere featured appearances by the films cast as well as stars of the China's most popular variety show "Happy Camp."

As a significant Chinese investor of Star Trek Beyond, Huahua Media partnered with Happy Camp to produce one episode featuring the movie. This special episode aims to culturally integrate interviews with the cast of Star Trek Beyond and to localize the promotional materials for the film's target market. It will consist of Happy Camp's scripted segments produced at Paramount Pictures, exclusive cast interviews with the show's two star hosts Xie Na and Li Weijia, and a Star Trek fan event set to be taped in China and localized for Chinese audience.

In addition, Zhang Jie, a famous Chinese pop singer also made an appearance at the San Diego premiere. Zhang is the ambassador of Star Trek Beyond in China and the singer of the movie's Chinese theme song.

Happy Camp, a Chinese variety show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System, was carefully chosen by Huahua Media as the key marketing platform to introduce Star Trek Beyond to the audience in China. The series has become the most popular Saturday night show with an average viewership of 200 million per episode. Happy Camp's female host Xie Na, known as the "Queen of Weibo", has the most weibo followers of 85 million. Her husband Zhang Jie has over 35 million weibo fans. Together they have over 120 million Weibo followers, owning the largest online fan base in China.

"Xie Na and Zhang Jie are the power couple in China's entertainment industry and we strategically invited them to get the in-person experiences with Star Trek Beyond," Kefei Wang, CEO at Huahua Media said. "We want our audience to know more about this classic Sci-Fi franchise through Xie and Zhang's voice. This is the first time Happy Camp is coming to America and attending a movie premiere to promote a major studio film's release in China."

Star Trek Beyond is set to be released in China on September 2(nd) 2016. The film and promotional segments will be featured through Happy Camp on August 27th.

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