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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Face Swap App Rokk! Version 2.1 Introduces New Social Networking Features

Face Swap App Rokk! Version 2.1 Introduces New Social Networking Features

NEW YORK, July 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Video entertainment app Rokk! has completed version 2.1 with five all new functions made available worldwide from July 4. Rokk! has introduced new social networking features to give user the chance to become their favorite celebrity.

Developed by JoyoDream Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited (JoyoDream), Rokk! is a short video montage editing app developed with facial recognition, computer graphics and augmented reality technology. Users can record footage on their smartphone camera and select their favorite celebrities to use the life-like face swap function.

Through detecting and tracking facial key points as well as the support of beauty adjustment and high definition, Rokk! has achieved a seamless synthesis of masks and users' faces to provide the most realistic and fitted expressions, enabling the celebrity masks to reflect the same facial expressions as the user, be it a frown, an open mouth or making funny faces.

In addition to real-time presentation and realistic effect features, in the newly updated version 2.1, Rokk! has added the following all-new optimized functions:

-- AR Face SwapUsers can swipe horizontally to select and change masks
while recording the video. Version 2.1 allows three users to change
masks on the same screen simultaneously, improving the multi-player
interactivity and the fun of social networking.

-- Karaoke FunctionThe karaoke function will automatically match a
corresponding music segment in the Instrumental category with the video
after the user selects a mask with a lyric prompt displayed on the
screen. Alternative options are available for users to pick up their
favorite songs. Users can also record their own music video and share on
social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

-- Live Video Filters Version 2.1 has introduced 9 live video filters for
users to give the video a makeover or be creative and funny.

-- Continue shooting from breakpoint function The new Rokk! produces a
complete video by automatically connecting the previous clips when the
user breaks off or pauses filming. It also allows users to change masks
or shift cameras during the shooting.

-- Screenshot to save as photo Version 2.1 allows users to save the images
to the camera roll after applying the mask, recording interesting
moments anytime anywhere.
"The five new functions of Rokk! highlight the improved entertainment features and better experience of sharing on social networks," said Zhong Minglu, founder of JoyoDream. "We're confident that everyone who uses the app will have a lot of fun with it."

Zhong remarked that Rokk! will continue to expand the categories and number of masks, gradually introducing more social networking functions that will not only give users the chance to record the fun fragments of life, but also share them with friends.

The updated Rokk! is now available globally on iTunes:!-make-your-dope-music/id1077712453?mt=8.

About JoyoDream

Founded in May 2014, JoyoDream Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited has developed acclaimed social networking app Pingo that has a million users in China. The release of its video entertainment app Rokk! marked an important step in exploring the global market and offering more opportunities for users to experience cutting-edge technology and to actualize the ideal self through creative patterns.

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