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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Captain Kirk's £13,000 Insurance Premium

Captain Kirk's £13,000 Insurance Premium

LONDON, July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

- Star Trek's Captain Kirk would have to pay GBP13,880 in travel insurance for a
mission to boldly go where no one has gone before.
- Costs calculated based on Captain Kirk's past misdemeanours and the likelihood of
danger in certain areas of the galaxy.

Travel insurance specialist, Columbus Direct, has calculated that Captain James T.
Kirk would have to fork out over GBP13,000 to insure himself and the USS Enterprise during
their intergalactic adventures.

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In light of July's release of the third film in the new Star Trek movie franchise,
Star Trek Beyond, Columbus Direct estimates that a standard travel insurance package for
Captain Kirk would be GBP13,880 for a single Starfleet five-year mission.

The cover provided by Columbus includes many benefits such as medical and diagnostic
expenses, starship failure and also for lost or damaged personal belongings and gadgets,
such as tricorders and phasers.

Columbus used information on Captain Kirk's age, his past experiences and also took
into account the threats posed by hostile species, such as Klingons and Romulans within
their calculations.

You can find out more about their exclusive Star Trek insurance and further details of
how they calculated the cost here.

Over the years, Captain Kirk, played in the new film by actor, Chris Pine, has been no
stranger to brushes with danger. He's encountered the notorious Romulan, Captain Nero,
battled the extremely dangerous, Khan Noonien Singh, fought fellow Starfleet ship, USS
Vengeance, following a betrayal by his Fleet Admiral and even died while repairing his
ship's nuclear reactor - of course, he was revived later and all was well.

Built by Starfleet, the antimatter-powered USS Enterprise measures 725m in length and
can reach up to WARP 8 speed.

The ship is armed with photon torpedoes and phasers, and its defence mechanism
consists of deflector shields.

Rob Thomas, Head of Brand at Columbus Direct said: "It's safe to say that Captain Kirk
has been through a bit over the past few years in his missions! Luckily for him, Starfleet
owns the ship, so they tend to take care of the massive repair bill he racks up.

"However, there could be times when away, the crew runs into trouble on a
non-Starfleet planet and that could leave Kirk and co a bit out of pocket, so we just hope
Starfleet pays him enough to cover his insurance costs!"

Notes to editors:
Further information on the costs and calculations can be found at:   

Columbus Direct is a leading travel insurance specialist which was established in 1988
selling both online via and offline via call centre
channels. We have a history of innovation in the industry, including being the first
company to sell travel insurance direct to the consumer in the UK and also the first to
fully sell a policy online. We have covered over 15 million holidaymakers since 1988 and
our latest customer surveys show that over 95% of customers would recommend us to their
friends and family.

For further information, please contact: 
Columbus Direct 
Tel: +44(0)20-3725-0175 




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