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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Break Boundaries to Create Synergy for Users: "Letv Membership for Z-Generation" Brand Debuts Globally at SDCC

Break Boundaries to Create Synergy for Users: "Letv Membership for Z-Generation" Brand Debuts Globally at SDCC

SAN DIEGO, July 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- LeEco launched a new video membership brand for young groups - Letv Membership for Z-Generation - in a press event held under the theme of "Z-Generation: Transcend Boundaries" at San Diego International Comic-Con (SDCC) in San Diego. The event was emceed by famous talk show comedian Joe Wong and attended by Peiyao Liu, Vice President of Le Vision Pictures, iconic Chinese coser Huang Shan, Lionsgate COO Brian Goldsmith, and Dark Horse President Mike Richardson.

Besides ten lucky Letv membership subscribers who got free tickets to SDCC, all Letv Membership for Z-Generation subscribers can watch coverage of the event online. During the press event, the spotlight was focused on a new cosmopolitan consumer group, i.e. young consumers born after 1995, especially after 2000, nicknamed the "Z-Generation". Following the upgrade of LeEco's membership system to version 3.0 ("content + experience + service)" last year, the new Letv Membership for Z-Generation membership scheme launched this time accurately targets the Z-Generation in a new bold and visionary move of transcending boundaries and creating a new era, becoming the first and only mobile ecosystem-based subscription video on demand (SVoD) brand to specifically serve the Z-Generation in the industry.

The launch of Letv Membership for Z-Generation at SDCC has demonstrated the impressive brand vigor of LeEco, known for its ability to deliver boundary-breaking synergy, as LeEco steps up efforts to create premium content specifically for young people, especially the Z-Generation, across the globe.

Letv Membership for Z-Generation in global debut: the first audience segmentation based SVoD brand to target the Z-Generation in China

According to statistics, of China's population born after the advent of the Internet, as many as 225 million were born after 1995, largely after 2000, accounting for 17% of China's population. They are typical "small-screen addicts", with 50% of young people born after 1990 having the experience of watching videos on bed. Another finding is that people born after 2000 have a higher acceptance of paid content and mobile payment and are set to become a main group of video viewers. As the only SVoD service specifically catering to young groups, Letv Membership for Z-Generation, which defines its target young users as the Z-Generation, will provide content suitable for viewing by young people on bed. In addition to a series of young content released this year such as Demon Girl and Finding Soul, Letv Membership for Z-Generation will commit itself to building a rich and fascinating comic and animation world for China's young users.

This year LeEco entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with American film production/distribution studio Lionsgate to license content from its Comic-Con HQ streaming service, under which Letv Membership for Z-Generation subscribers can view hours of exclusive content. By subscribing to Letv Membership for Z-Generation, users will get access to a cross-culture video entertainment world and enjoy the latest popular original content around the world.

Break boundaries to create synergy for users: LeEco transcends boundaries in four ways at SDCC

In the "Z-Generation: Transcend Boundaries" press event at SDCC, LeEco, in an innovative and advanced Internet mindset it has always been known for, transcended the boundaries between virtual reality and physical reality, between China and d States, and between online and offline, all for the purpose of better serving the users.

The press event, emceed by Joe Wong, opened in a highly creative and entertaining way, with the emcee first having a 3D VR dialog with Zhang Qiling, a character from novel The Lost Tomb, who emerged from the large screen, and then being greeted by coser Huang Shan in Zhang Qiling's costume, in actual reality, thus breaking the boundary between virtual reality and physical reality, and echoing the event theme of "Z-Generation: Transcend Boundaries". The Time Raiders, to be released soon on August 5, is adapted from a popular novel The Lost Tomb, to which LeEco has acquired the screen rights, and reflects LeEco's powerful intellectual property development capability, especially in terms of breaking the boundary between literature and screen-based media. Meanwhile, by attending San Diego Comic-Con, the largest multi-genre entertainment and comic convention in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest in the world, Letv Membership for Z-Generation successfully broke the boundaries of countries, regions and cultures and established its global presence. According to Peiyao Liu, Vice President of Le Vision Pictures, who made a speech at the event, LeEco has always been in the process of breaking boundaries in furtherance of its commitment to breaking the boundaries of technology, culture and the Internet to create boundary-breaking synergy in order to better serve the users and bring more value to them.

Backed by strong synergistic interaction across the seven sub-ecosystems of LeEco, Letv Membership for Z-Generation will bring a wide range of online, offline and O2O membership privileges and benefits, including free movie tickets, priority to buy movie & TV show merchandise, fan events, birthday package, production site visits, offline parties, movie previews, and participation in cast selection and crowdfunding. Letv membership for Z-Generation provides tiered and personalized services based on audience segmentation which combine the online and physical worlds to maximize value to subscribers.

Chinese culture goes international: LeEco demonstrates the China power in the international TV and movie landscape

China's post-1980 and post-1990 generations, who have grown up with American and Japanese comics and animations, will get great entertainment from LeEco's extensive intellectual properties developed in an integrated approach with an integrator DNA (Z-DNA) at its core, which combines movies, TV dramas and games with appeal to international as well as Chinese audiences. LeEco, believing that the Z-Generation carries the Z-DNA naturally, launched the Letv Membership for Z-Generation in a bid to recruit the first legion of this generation and engage them in the mission to create an all-new young entertainment world as LeEco presents to the world more blockbuster movies and TV series with palatable Chinese elements like Time Raiders and L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties.

Le Vision Pictures, which has distributed multiple Lionsgate movies in China, will soon have its own movie - L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties - distributed by Lionsgate outside of China, including in the U.S. Le Vision Pictures' partner Dark Horse Comics, the third-largest comics publisher in the U.S. after Marvel and DC, has a large number of fans in China, especially through such popular works as Hellboy and Tarzan. At last year's American Film Market (AFM), Dark Horse Comics and Le Vision Pictures announced that they would jointly adapt a slate of six hit Chinese comics as English-language comics and features. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Dark Horse Comics. At the press event, Dark Horse President Mike Richardson shared the progress of the collaboration. The cooperation between Le Vision Pictures, Lionsgate and Dark Horse Comics will create high-quality content products for people, especially the Z-Generation, as the Z-Generation culture represented by Letv Membership for Z-Generation captures the hearts of more and more young people across the world and demonstrates its enormous industry value.

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