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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

World-Renowned Master Voice Builder Gary Catona Launches His 'Ultimate Voice Builder' in Japan - Great for Karaoke Lovers

World-Renowned Master Voice Builder Gary Catona Launches His 'Ultimate Voice Builder' in Japan - Great for Karaoke Lovers

Practice Maestro Catona's Ultimate Voice Builder System - And You Will Impress The Entire Karaoke Crowd! The Acclaimed System Transforms Anyone Into a Singer

LOS ANGELES and TOKYO, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Attention Karaoke lovers across Japan! If karaoke is part of your life, then Gary Catona's Ultimate Voice Builder is a must for you. Now available in Japanese for the very first time, Ultimate Voice Builder is Maestro Catona's personal voice building system that has perfected the voices of more than 200 of the biggest names in music and acting. What do Katy Perry, Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli, Robin Thicke, Steven Tyler, Lenny Kravitz, Shakira, Seal, Sade, Babyface, Liza Minnelli, Lionel Richie, Toni Braxton and Usher (and countless more) have in common? They ALL built their voices with Gary Catona in order to become the best at their profession. Now, the Maestro is set to bring his secret yet powerful technique to Japan, where the Karaoke phenomena was born.

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Long considered a well-guarded secret in the entertainment industry, Gary Catona's Voice Building system is the result of years of study and research into the physical basis of the human voice. Considering the fact that his system builds amazing power, resonance, range, and control into the voice, there is no telling how many superstars will emerge from working with his Ultimate Voice Builder.

With the Ultimate Voice Builder, now anyone can be Gary Catona's student!

The product is now available through webplatform stream format for $34.95.

The Voice-Building System
According to Catona, "The world of voice study is cluttered with so many misguided notions and practices that with each passing year many gifted voices are harmed, even ruined." But Catona's system changes all that. Rooted in the ancient singing traditions of Italy, Catona ingeniously applied modern exercise innovations to "maximize the building of the vocal muscles, which always results in astounding vocal growth and ability."

For Catona, vocal building is a sport - and the singer or vocal talent is an athlete. This means that high-level vocal fitness is the secret to the great voice, and that the only legitimate way to "vocal fitness" is through using specially designed voice-building exercises that overwork the vocal muscles. Startling vocal richness and ability will always follow this kind of vocal exercise routine. As Catona puts it: "Behind The Great Voice Is The Muscular Voice."

For more than three decades, Maestro Gary Catona has served as the go-to voice builder to the world's top entertainers. Combining physiology and art, Catona developed his own unique system for building the voice - by building the vocal cord muscles. We have all heard the clichéd expressions: sing from your diaphragm...relax your throat...a singing voice is something we're born with...

Catona's extensive experience has forced him to a set of entirely different conclusions: "Anyone can sing...the more you build your vocal muscles, the stronger your voice gets...vocalize from the back of your throat to engage your vocal muscles..."

No one can argue with his results.

It was for the purpose of rebuilding her voice that the world-renowned Whitney Houston came to Maestro Catona. Seven years prior to her death, Houston met with Gary and shared with him how her voice was 'gone.' She worked extensively with the Maestro to help restore her voice which was deteriorated by poor lifestyle choices. As she reentered the spotlight, she credited Catona for restoring a large percentage of her voice to its former glory.

The identical techniques used by Gary Catona to build the voices of his famous, are available for anyone that would like to raise their voice in song - and become a Karaoke headliner!

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