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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pop Songs and Pick Pockets - Don't Let Your Valuables Vanish This Summer

Pop Songs and Pick Pockets - Don't Let Your Valuables Vanish This Summer

GUILFORD, England, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The music festival season is about to start with upwards of 135,000 people expected to
descend on Glastonbury this week. And they aren't alone; Allianz Insurance has discovered
that that 67% of people are planning to attend a music festival this summer. With such
large numbers it's unsurprising that more than 1 in 5 people would like to see greater
security at music festivals.

Allianz's research found that 1 in 10 festival goers said they'd had something stolen
in the past. On top of this, 20% reported they had lost something and it wasn't handed in.

The average value of an item stolen or lost is GBP122 but for a quarter of people that
figure rises to anywhere between GBP151 to GBP500. 

Not surprisingly, mobile phones top the list of items most likely to be stolen
followed by cameras.  Tablet devices are also popular with thieves but the list also
includes food, alcohol, clothing, sleeping bags and tents. 

Opportunists are always on the lookout with 46% of items disappearing from tents, 31%
from pockets and 30% from rucksacks.

It's not always thieves that spoil the fun though, as 23% of people said they had lost
their own valuables including house or car keys.

Alan Gairns, product manager (Motor and Home) commented: "Seeing your favourite
musicians perform live is a great experience but the memory will be spoiled if you have
something stolen or you lose something valuable. You can take simple steps to help reduce
the likelihood, the most important of which you can put in place before you leave - look
at what you've packed and ask yourself if you really need it. Unnecessary valuables will
attract attention so consider what gadgets or accessories are actually vital for your

"A money belt will keep your cash out of sight and if you do take a credit card with
you make sure you have a note of the card provider's telephone number so you can cancel it
quickly if you need to. Avoid leaving valuable items in your tent and instead carry them
with you in a bag or pocket that doesn't have easy access."

Notes to editors:

1) Allianz carried out the research on 28.4.16 - 6.5.16

2) The survey questioned  2000 UK adults.

For further information contact: 
Amy Yorston 
Media Relations Officer 
+44-(0)1483 552632 / +44-(0)7794266474 


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