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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Once A Gun Runner, Efraim Diveroli Releases Tell-All Memoir at the Center of Federal Lawsuit Against Warner Bros, Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper

Once A Gun Runner, Efraim Diveroli Releases Tell-All Memoir at the Center of Federal Lawsuit Against Warner Bros, Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper

MIAMI, June 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Efraim Diveroli, former international arms dealer, and the inspiration for Jonah Hill's character in this summer's upcoming Todd Phillips movie, 'War Dogs' has released his personal memoir, 'Once A Gun Runner...'

The book is at the center of controversy and the subject of a recently filed federal lawsuit against Warner Bros, writer/director Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper, and other Hollywood heavyweights by Incarcerated Entertainment, a company formed by Diveroli and his business partner, Ross Reback. The suit claims that Diveroli authored a 360-plus page manuscript entitled 'Once A Gun Runner...' and made efforts to sell the film rights to his story.

The exhaustively detailed lawsuit claims that Reback reached out to Phillips and the studio offering to provide them the manuscript to discuss the rights for a movie, which Phillips was already working on based only on a Rolling Stone article, but was turned down.

According to the suit, Diveroli and Reback were then contacted by producer Elliott Kahn and his business partner Simon "Shimmy" Spira, and furnished them the manuscript, after both signed non-disclosure agreements. But, Spira turned out to be the son of Warner Bros. President of Worldwide Business Affairs, Steven S. Spira.

The lawsuit alleges around that same time, Phillips was having difficulties writing the screenplay from the limited source material of the article, and was working on a rewrite of the 'War Dogs' script; and that "Shimmy" Spira could have easily passed the manuscript to his father to give to Phillips, giving him unauthorized access to it, as "Shimmy" Spira's home address is listed as the same as his father's.

To date, all of the defendants including Warner Bros., Phillips, Cooper, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, The Mark Gordon Company, 22(nd) and Green Productions, and Kahn have been legally served, with the exception of Spira, who has managed to avoid service of process since the lawsuit's filing on April 28(th).

"With all of these unauthorized versions of my life story, I felt compelled to respond to set the record straight and tell the true story of what really happened, as only I would know." Diveroli said. "This book is the real deal," he continued. "It's hardcore in hardcover," he quipped.

Book Synopsis:
A true story almost so outrageous, it reads like 'The Wolf of Wall Street' meets 'Lord of War.'

Efraim Diveroli was an 18-year-old pot smoking high school dropout when he decided to enter the murky world of international arms dealing. A brash young man from a Jewish Orthodox family in Miami Beach, barely old enough to drink in 2007 when at age 21 his company AEY, Inc. was awarded a nearly $300 million dollar contract from the Pentagon to supply weapons and munitions to the U.S. Army and the fledgling Afghan security forces for the fight against the Taliban - a stunning accomplishment!

Diveroli was soon negotiating deals with foreign defense ministers, holding meetings at embassies, and taking calls from Army brass. He traveled the world and encountered some very shady operators - including dubious weapons traders, crooked diplomats, and unsavory merchants of death. But with the fearlessness of youth, he forged full speed ahead.

Rolling Stone magazine said of Diveroli, "His competition was mostly big corporations like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed and BAE Systems. Those companies had entire departments dedicated to selling to the Pentagon. But Diveroli had his own advantages: low overhead, an appetite for risk and all-devouring ambition."

He was on his way to securing government contracts approaching nearly half a billion dollars, while living the life of a rock star - until the Pentagon turned on him - and his American dream became an American nightmare. Details magazine declared of Diveroli, "He would become a symbol of a mismanaged war effort and the target of an embarrassed, vengeful Washington."

ONCE A GUN RUNNER... is now available in hardcover editions and digital versions directly through, iTunes store, on Amazon in Kindle format, Barnes & Noble ( in Nook format

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