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Monday, June 13, 2016

Nonprofit Promoter BeachGlow Fights 'Monopolistic' Morey Entertainment's Attempt to Silence Upcoming Wildwood Beach Charity Music Festival

Nonprofit Promoter BeachGlow Fights 'Monopolistic' Morey Entertainment's Attempt to Silence Upcoming Wildwood Beach Charity Music Festival

WILDWOOD, N.J., June 13, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- BeachGlow: Concerts For Charity, Inc. (BG), a nonprofit music festival producer that leverages the power of music to raise awareness and funds for charities, including endangered school music programs, is opposing the 'monopolistic' and hypocritical Morey Organization's (TMO) attempt through a frivolous lawsuit to stop BG's scheduled two-day July festival on the beach near Morey's Piers & Water Parks in Wildwood, according to Court documents.

Wildwood-based TMO has filed a baseless lawsuit (testimony continues today) in New Jersey Superior Court questioning BG's legitimacy and integrity, and also claiming that electronic dance music (EDM), one of numerous popular musical genres at the festival, is inherently dangerous. All such claims were previously debunked before agencies to which Morey protested as part of its well-documented, systematic campaign to crush the charitable organization's efforts to operate in Wildwood. TMO sued BG and Wildwood after failing to persuade the city to reject the festival. In its response to Morey's complaint (New Jersey Superior Court / CPM-L-175-16), BG's Attorney George J. Singley, of Singley & Gindele, PC, Gibbsboro, NJ, states that TMO is attempting to ban an entire genre of music it associates with dangerous activity, but when TMO's lawyer was asked to define electronic dance music (EDM) by the judge in court last week, he described it as "music that promotes dancing and has a strong beat to it."

"This case is reminiscent of the 1984 movie classic, "Footloose," however, unlike the town in Oklahoma that inspired the movie," Singley explained, "Wildwood City has issued a permit to stage the concert - and is also being sued by The Morey Organization. We can only hope that through the legal process Morey's is unsuccessful in its reckless and self-serving efforts to stop the music and impair vital fund raising for worthwhile charities."

Hypocrisy and fear mongering underscore Morey's actions and rhetoric. For example, it opposes and vilifies EDM at the BG festival but, not surprisingly, has no issue with the EDM-focused concert at the Wildwoods Convention Center, on whose board Jack Morey - co-owner of TMO - serves. And while lobbying to restrict BG's audience to persons over 18, the EDM concert (July 2(nd)) at the Convention Center sells tickets to those as young as 16. And TMO continues to disparage and deceive, recently telling reporters that behavior generally at EDM concerts "has resulted in overdoses and deaths" and "have no role in our family resort setting." The fact is BeachGlow's audience of 7,000 at its 2014 Wildwood beach event, was peaceful and law abiding. BG, the City, and performers have closely cooperated in preparation for next month's festival. Numerous additional safeguards have been put in place to ensure that the public enjoys a safe and fun weekend and that the charitable fundraiser is a success.

Little Kids Rock (LKR) - a New Jersey-based, national nonprofit - is at risk of losing this year's charitable donation from funds raised at BeachGlow Music Festival 2016 (July 8-9). LKR plans to bring music programs, teacher training, and instruments to underserved students in Wildwood and Philadelphia. Last year, BG provided LKR funds to support 21 new music programs - impacting almost 5,000 students - in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

BeachGlow ( Music Festival 2016 features pop, alternative, and electronic music. One of the festival's headliners, Norwegian pop duo Nico & Vinz, is donating its performance. They have performed at the Nobel Peace Concert and at the White House Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

"In Norway, we have an organization similar to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, where kids can go after school and play sports, dance, and record music," says Nico. "When a charity like BeachGlow gives us an opportunity to support a program like LKR, it really hits close to home. We are super excited to be a part of the event and can't wait to see everyone in Wildwood in July."

BG's Dane Kunkel, founder of BeachGlow and an honor student at the College of William & Mary, is now deeply concerned by TMO's actions and the impact it could have on fundraising for musical instruments and lessons for kids, let alone their families that can't afford beach vacations.

"I created BeachGlow because I witnessed the power music has to tear down barriers among all walks of life, and bring people together for a common cause," he stated in a court filing.

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