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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Live Music Streaming From Popular Nightclubs, Pubs & Festivals on Streo

Live Music Streaming From Popular Nightclubs, Pubs & Festivals on Streo

NEW DELHI, June 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Streo Brings a Unique, Curated Music Experience on iOS and Android 

The decade gone by has seen a meteoritic rise in the popularity of live gigs.
Nightclubs, bars and pubs have become a regular haunt for the current generation and live
music at these locations, their preferred poison.

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But many times it so happens that one might not have the time or the inclination to
attend a particular event but still doesn't want to miss out on the music playing at that
location. There was a problem and a group of passionate individuals identified the
challenge and took it upon themselves to come up with a solution. And thus Streo was born!

A revolutionary app that enables users to listen to music from their favourite
nightclubs and bars from anywhere in the world, live. Apart from providing an
un-interrupted, high quality music experience, Streo gives its users access to the latest
trends in music real time saving them the trouble of making or updating a playlist ever.
User can play a gig of the genre they like or are in the mood for. The brand aims to cater
to the need of the entire eco-system- nightclubs, artists and users making it a one-stop
shop for all their music needs.

To spark target group's interest, in a short span of 3 weeks of operations, Streo has
on-boarded the leaders and influencers in the music industry to provide its users the
experience it promises. To name a few partners, it has Arjun Vagale and Ash Roy of the
Jalebee Cartel fame, popular artists from Goa like Shy-O, Sashanti & Clement, nightclubs
and bars like Curlie's (Goa), Tito's (Goa), Cape Town (Goa), Trilogy (Mumbai), Social
(Mumbai), Kitty Su (Mumbai) and more streaming live only on Streo.

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and is currently in its Beta
test phase. 

About Streo:  

Streo Technologies Private Limited is an Indian company founded by Arush Dhawan and
co-founded by Prerana Dhawan & Pranav Trehan with a single-minded vision of being a
one-stop technology solution provider to the nightlife industry. Streo is the first
milestone of this journey catering to the eco-system (users, artists, night clubs and
festival organisers) in its entirety. Whilst live music streaming is our key value
proposition, we will be introducing other solutions going forward keeping in mind our
vision, by constantly enhancing the user experience.

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Media Contact: 
Prerana Dhawan 
COO, Streo Technologies 



Streo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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