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Monday, June 20, 2016

Dr. Oz's JungoTV to use Crunch Gallery's Video Optimizer in its Video On Demand Business

Dr. Oz's JungoTV to use Crunch Gallery's Video Optimizer in its Video On Demand Business

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- JungoTV, an innovative platform that provides the best foreign language television and film content from around the globe founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, industry leaders and global partners announced today that they will use Crunch Gallery's video optimizer to power their upcoming Over The Top (OTT), Video on Demand service.

JungoTV, through its innovative video-on-demand platform aims at providing the best foreign language television and film content from around the globe to serve the massive need of the over 100 million people eager to have access to content in their native language from their homeland. Crunch Gallery's (Crunch) revolutionary video optimizer delivers 30% to 80% lower video bit rates compared to those delivered by Netflix, Amazon & YouTube, at sustained video quality.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, television personality, surgeon, media entrepreneur, and co-founder of JungoTV said, "The partnership with Crunch will allow JungoTV subscribers to watch high definition content without worrying about their data plan, especially on mobile devices where data is capped, speeds are throttled or resolutions are dropped. While JungoTV is the first premium service of its kind to serve a global multilingual community; Crunch is the first of its kind video optimization system and will ensure we deliver the best quality of service to our customers."

Much like the fictitious Pied Piper algorithm portrayed in the popular show "Silicon Valley," Crunch uses proprietary video technologies developed by its experts to deliver the smallest file size possible while maintaining the same perceptible quality as the original content. This is made possible by optimizing encoding and rate control parameters in standard compression algorithms and applying additional processing stages for the algorithm to produce superior quality content at reduced data rates.

George Chung, CEO/co-founder of JungoTV and an International content expert said, "We've tested the Crunch video optimizer extensively and the results on both bandwidth savings and on high quality are phenomenal. Crunch will help us offer tremendous value to our subscribers while simultaneously helping them save money on their data plan."

"Crunch will strengthen JungoTV's commitment to bring families and the whole world together through video media by enabling high definition content for the masses independent of their location and data plan limitations. You can experience Crunch today and save space on your phone, shoot more and share faster. Checkout Crunch Gallery and CrunchCam for iOS and Android," said Amit Ramchandran, President and co-founder of Crunch Gallery LLC of Santa Clara.

JungoTV's upcoming launch in Fall 2016 will make this new international content OTT service available throughout the USA and Canada with over 30,000 hours of premium Video On Demand programming targeted to in-language communities including Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Iranian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. This service will be available on mobile platforms including iOS and Android, web, and most connected devices.

About JungoTV
JungoTV is a global OTT company providing in-language television content to the more than 100 million foreign language speakers around the world living outside of their homeland and available on multiple devices. Co-founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, George Chung, Sandy Climan, with funding by private venture and industry leaders, JungoTV is a privately held company with global partners headquartered in California. JungoTV is currently offering television and film content in 10 languages. The name of the company "Jungo" is Latin for "to bring together" or "unite" which embodies the company's vision of bringing in-language television content to customers worldwide.

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About Crunch
Crunch Gallery LLC is a Santa Clara, Silicon Valley based startup founded in 2015 utilizing 5 years of active research in video optimization with in-house experts and in collaboration with EPFL in Switzerland. Crunch offers the lowest bit rates in video streaming at the same perceptible quality. Crunch is owned and funded by NJK Holding Corporation, a Minneapolis based private equity investment firm. A baseline version of Crunch is available on AppStore and GooglePlay, respectively, in the form of two apps: Crunch Gallery and CrunchCam. Both reduce the size of photos by 80% and videos by 50% at the same perceptible quality. Crunch apps save users space on their phones while enabling faster sharing experience on social media.

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