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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Cosmos-Maya Strengthens its Digital Presence With 'WowKidz' - its YouTube Platform and Fortifies its Brand Portfolio With a Strategic Foray in the Merchandising Space

Cosmos-Maya Strengthens its Digital Presence With 'WowKidz' - its YouTube Platform and Fortifies its Brand Portfolio With a Strategic Foray in the Merchandising Space

MUMBAI, June 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The Move is Part of its Larger Strategic Expansion as a Well-diversified IP Creator 

Taking the success of its multiple animation TV series further, Singapore and
Mumbai-based Cosmos-Maya, Asia's leading animation studio and the largest producer of
original Indian animation content, today announced its business diversification
initiatives for future growth. Having carved its niche as a successful creator of IPs in
the kids' content space, the company is on a massive growth path and this is the first
among many of its strategic growth initiatives. Beginning 2016, the company had started
its digital video outfit, WowKidz, as a YouTube exclusive channel , where the content from
their successful shows is being played. With almost 160,000 active subscribers and around
200 million cumulative views within a few quarters since launch, WowKidz is one of the
fastest growing video platform for kids' content; driven purely through organic growth.

The company has a two-pronged approach to successfully tackle the digital revolution;
first is to strengthen its presence on YouTube, the world's largest video platform,
through its constantly growing existing content bank and produce high-quality original
Indian animation for the recently-launched and upcoming kids' VOD platforms. "Content
consumption is changing dramatically in the digital era and the barriers of geographies
are breaking. We at Cosmos-Maya are keen to produce good original content for the global
VOD platforms that will bring in the best of Indian animation content for kids of Indian
origin all over the world," said Anish Mehta, CEO, Cosmos-Maya and producer of all their

The content ecosystem is evolving by the day and newer touch points are essential for
consumers to engage with brands in order to build brand loyalty. WowKidz, both as the
video platform and as a merchandising avenue, are thereby the logical brand initiatives as
part of the growth strategy of Cosmos-Maya. Taking a step-by-step growth approach, the
company has started off the merchandising division with offline products sales inspired by
their IPs and also online sales of their merchandise across all the leading e-commerce
portals. The next brand growth for WowKidz is a dedicated e-commerce platform of its own, [ ] which will have a mega launch in the third
quarter of 2016, coinciding with the biggest Indian festival, Diwali. "The idea behind
these initiatives is to make the value proposition for our content more robust, and create
more avenues to link the IP creation process with the IP monetization. Kids want to buy
the merchandise inspired by the shows that they consume and thus these initiatives have
been taken in tandem with each other," added Mehta.

Apart from the merchandise inspired from the Cosmos-Maya's own IPs, including the
successful shows like Motu Patlu, Shiva, Kisna, Eena Meena Deeka & ViR - The Robot Boy, will also provide the best of merchandise products from the best animated
shows on television, available at the click of a button. The popular third-party
merchandise includes products inspired by many successful animation shows, including all
time classic animation shows Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Barbie; other renowned brands like
Hello Kitty, Hot Wheels; shows popular with Indian kids like Chhota Bheem, Doraemon,
Ben10 and global superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Avengers, to name a few.

World over, it is the IP monetization that drives the animation production and India
as a market too is evolving now. With the advent of e-commerce, the availability of
high-quality original products is easier for the average consumer and thus it is the right
time for a focused venture like this. There is a good demand for animation content of
Indian origin all over the world, thanks to the widely spread Indian diaspora, especially
in highly developed markets like United States of America, Canada, Europe, Australia,
among others.

As platforms evolve, the IP creation process also evolves. Cosmos-Maya leads the
market in terms of creation of animated content with over 25 and a half hours of broadcast
content created per month, which equals to almost one season a month between different
shows. This is substantially higher than most of their competitors. Cosmos-Maya is more
focused on generating brand value through IP creation and since content is now more
platform agnostic, it is important to create more consumer touch points.

With a slew of television successes, 5 shows on air, 3 under production getting ready
for a launch, rapidly growing global viewers on their YouTube platform and a
newly-launched dedicated e-commerce merchandising platform, Cosmos-Maya is all set to
consolidate its leadership position in the kids' content space.

About WowKidz: 

WowKidz is a digital VOD platform, available on YouTube and delivers millions of
smiles to its happy consumers worldwide, on a daily basis.

WowKidz is also poised to be the ultimate destination for the best-in-class products
inspired by the most popular animated properties; TV series, features etc. within the
Indian kids' entertainment business. A strategic business initiative of Cosmos-Maya,
Asia's leading animation production studio and creator of highly successful Indian kids'
shows, including Motu Patlu, Shiva, Eena Meena Deeka among others; WowKidz strives to
deliver the best-in-class products crafted and created with the highest quality standards
at the most affordable prices.

In addition to an exclusive range of products from the properties owned by Cosmos-Maya,
which includes shows like Motu Patlu, Shiva, Kisna, ViR - The Robot Boy and Eena Meena
Deeka; WowKidz also features an exclusive collection of the best-in-class products
inspired by other successful shows on leading television networks Disney and Nickelodeon

About Cosmos-Maya: 

Founded by internationally acclaimed Indian filmmakers Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi,
Cosmos-Maya is an artist driven creative studio that produces high-quality 3D as well as
2D animation content. The company primarily focuses on creating successful IPs and is
presently working on multiple Indian animation TV series; 5 shows currently on air and 3
under production.

Driven with the passion to create path-breaking content while adhering to timely
deliveries; Cosmos-Maya produces around 550 minutes (25 half hours) of approved animation
on a monthly basis. The company has produced over 10,000 minutes of original animated
content created in the last 4 years, (comprising of over 400 half hour episodes)
ready/currently on air.

With its launch, Cosmos-Maya pioneered the art and technology of Animation & Visual
Effects in India since 1996. Over the last 20 years, Cosmos-Maya has delivered
high-quality award-winning animated content, VFX work and game cinematics for global
leaders like BBC, Disney, Google, Electronic Arts among others and our work has fetched
several awards including BAFTA, IFTA & Pulcinella Awards to name a few.

Media Contact: 
Parmpreet Kaur 
Communicate India 



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