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Friday, May 13, 2016

Tony Stark and Captain America Try to Recruit Peter Parker in This YouTube Parody of Captain America: Civil War

Tony Stark and Captain America Try to Recruit Peter Parker in This YouTube Parody of Captain America: Civil War

LOS ANGELES, May 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Captain America: Civil War, the latest installment in the Marvel movie series produced by Disney, released a teaser trailer in early March highlighting the central theme and civil war elements prevalent in the upcoming movie. Clearly articulating the crucial divide between Tony Stark, Iron Man, and Steve Rogers, Captain America, Captain America: Civil War follows the struggles of Iron Man and Captain America in their quest to amass a "team."

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"Since this is the 13(th) Marvel movie to hit theaters, we decided it was time to create, direct, and produce a parody video about the Captain America: Civil War trailer," said Diego Aguilar, YouTuber and producer of the Captain America: Civil War parody. "Though these movies are incredibly popular and inarguably awesome, they lend themselves to being excellent parody material. After all, they are movies modeled after comic books."

Aguilar's parody stars Iron Man, Captain America, and newly discovered Spider-Man. Satirizing the ultimate fight to convince Spider-Man to join a specific side in the Civil War, both Iron Man and Captain America make their case for why Spider-Man should join their team.

In the official Captain America: Civil War trailer, viewers get a hint of the persuasive efforts both parties make for acquiring Spider-Man in their posse. We see at the end of the trailer, however, that Tony Stark emerges victorious when Spider-Man grabs Captain America's infamous shield with his web after receiving the order from Tony.

"Spider-Man is focused on helping and saving people." said Aguilar. "He doesn't want to get involved in the politics and drama. Both Iron Man and Captain America agree that is admirable, but in the end, Iron Man wins due to his incredible wealth and power. Essentially, Spider-Man abandons his righteous values for a capitalistic promise."

The video is set in Peter Parker's bedroom. Spider-Man enters with his costume on, and Iron Man is already inside awaiting his arrival. Tony then outright offers Spider-Man a spot on his team. While Spider-Man considers, Captain American pops out of Parker's closet, and tells everyone to "stop right there."

"The two characters then throw hysterical comparisons out on what Parker stands to gain from joining each respective team," said Aguilar. "The purpose is to point out how funny it is when two superheroes fight over a third superhero. We're taught to regard superheroes as the bearers of justice and the standards of good. They're supposed to be the saviors, free of faults. This scenario, and movie, clearly shows otherwise."

"We're on a mission to produce fun, entertaining videos." said Aguilar. "It'll give you a good laugh."

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