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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ProfNet Experts Available on The Olympics, Prince's Estate, More

ProfNet Experts Available on The Olympics, Prince's Estate, More

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NEW YORK, April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network that are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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-- Brady Suspension Reaffirms Commissioner's Power
-- Giving Credit Helps Beyoncé Avoid Copyright Risks
-- What Happens to Prince's Estate?
-- Expect Minor Impact with New Executive Pay Regulations
EXPERT ROUNDUP: The Olympic Games


-- News Producer - WABC-TV (NY)
-- Canada Bureau Chief - The Wall Street Journal (ON)
-- Content Producer - WMAQ-TV (IL)

-- Journalist Spotlight: Bob O'Brien, The Deal
-- PR Newswire Media Moves
-- Online Tool Helps Reporters Navigate FOIA Without Attorney

Brady Suspension Reaffirms Commissioner's Power

Rogge Dunn


Clouse Dunn LLP, Dallas

The decision of the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shows how much power has been placed in the hands of NFL National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell. Says Dunn: "Under the collective bargaining agreement signed by the player's union and the NFL, the commissioner has broad discretion, which the ruling notes. The 2nd Circuit also noted that it was required to give the commissioner 'substantial deference' when considering an appeal of one of his rulings. That means that unless the commissioner goes outside his authority and ignores the plain language of the collective bargaining agreement, or unless he is demonstrably unfair, then his rulings will not be overturned by an appellate court. This court decision will have implications in the future when players and team owners reexamine their collective bargaining agreement, which gives the commissioner these broad powers."

Contact: Bruce Vincent,

Giving Credit Helps Beyoncé Avoid Copyright Risks

Steve Mitby


Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing P.C., or AZA

The credits on Beyoncé's new album "Lemonade" give a nod to the band Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs for a lyric she uses in the chorus of her second song. Says Mitby: "This was well played by Beyoncé. It is a huge risk for someone in a creative business to borrow anything without giving proper credit. We've seen this harm reputations again and again in academia, book and speech writing and in the music industry. I tell clients to acknowledge any work they use substantially, or just in passing. What Beyoncé did here is good business. The line between accepted sampling and copyright theft may be fuzzy, but giving credit where credit is due is an easy rule to follow."

Contact: Mary Flood,

What Happens to Prince's Estate?

Aaron Dobbs

Probate Attorney

Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC

"With no obvious heirs, what is likely to happen with Prince's estate? The distribution of assets will likely depend on his will and the particular laws in Minnesota. In many states, a person's estate will pass according to the terms of the deceased's will. Of course, the validity of a will can be challenged due to allegations that the deceased lacked capacity or was unduly influenced. Also, the will may not contain all of the elements required by law to be a valid will. This is why it is important to have a professional prepare estate planning documents. If Prince did not leave a will, state law usually dictates that the estate passes to the person's family. The deceased's family, referred to as "heirs," will be determined through a judicial proceeding where the court will formally declare the names of each person inheriting and each person's share of the estate. This result may be contrary to the deceased's wishes, which is why developing an estate plan is important. Estate planning can be an empowering process because you -- not the state -- dictate who will inherit your estate and who will handle your estate business in the interim.



Contact: Mary Flood,

Expect Minor Impact with New Executive Pay Regulations

Mark Shank

Attorney, Executive Compensation

Gruber Elrod Johansen Hail Shank, Dallas

The recent announcement that U.S. regulators have proposed new rules regulating Wall Street executives' bonus pay is likely to have a minimal impact on companies and the economy. Under the new rules, executives would have to wait four years to collect most of their bonus pay, and force them to return payments if their companies lose money. Says Shank: "The proposal calls for creating a standardized policy of governmental oversight that supersedes both existing industry standards and the independent, internal policies of individual businesses. I'm not sure imposing these regulations creates any benefit to these companies, their customers or the overall economy."

Contact: Barry Pound,

EXPERT ROUNDUP: The Olympic Games

Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss various topics regarding the Olympic Games, including economic issues, legal issues, security and more. You can view the full roundup here:

Economic Impact/Issues:

Joseph P. Fuhr

Professor of Economics

Widener University School of Business Administration, Chester, Pa.

Fuhr is available to discuss the economic impact of new construction for the Olympics on the Brazilian economy: "There will be both long-run and short-run gains for the Brazilian economy as a result of new construction to accommodate the Olympic Games. The short-run gains will be as a result of the jobs created from the building of infrastructure. This will create many construction jobs before the event. Also, during the games, there will an increase in tourists, which will have a tremendous economic impact on the hotel, restaurant, retail and transportation industries. The long-run effects from the infrastructure are the ability of Brazilians to use these facilities and the possibility of attracting future events as a result of this infrastructure in place. However, there are various negative effects from having the Olympics. One is the crowding-out effect. This occurs as a result of tourists who would have visited during these times but won't as a result of higher prices and congestion. Also, inflation will result from the increase in demand during the games. For example, it is estimated that hotel rooms could increase by 500 percent during the games. While new infrastructure will increase the ability of the country to have greater economic growth, this new infrastructure is only a benefit if it can be used after the events. To the extent that some of the infrastructure will inevitably become 'white elephants' -- infrastructures that have little use after the events they are constructed to host -- will harm the economy. For example, 12 stadiums, instead of the required eight, were built or renovated for the recent World Cup in Brazil. This has added to the cost, and some of these stadiums will have little use now that the World Cup is over. These white elephants will actually result in a drain on the economy, since they will need to be maintained. Economic analysis of stadiums shows that they generally lose money."

Contact: Allyson Roberts,

Jonathan Willner, Ph.D.

Professor/Chairman of Economics

Oklahoma City University

Dr. Willner is available to discuss the economic impacts of the Olympics. He specializes in three main areas: sports economics, international trade, and industrial organization. Additional areas of expertise are those related to intellectual property rights and natural disasters. His research in sports economics deals with the economic impacts of the Olympics and U.S. Major League franchises. His industrial organization research deals with conglomerate effects in Korea, as well as domestic issues associated with legal structures. He teaches courses in a variety of fields including international economics and game theory.

Dr. Willner is a member of the American and Southern Economic Associations, Western Economics Association, and Southwestern Economics Association, of which he is the past-president. He has spoken at venues in Oklahoma City, numerous locations throughout the United States, Indonesia, China, and Singapore. He has taught in numerous countries and done consulting work in Ukraine, as well as Oklahoma City. He has published work in diverse outlets from academic journals such as The Journal of Economic Perspectives, The International Journal of Stress Management and Foreign Affairs, and more mainstream outlets such as PRNews Asia (online journal), Korea Times, and Blueprints. He is actively engaged with undergraduate research assisting and mentoring students through published research in a variety of fields. He also serves on the Oklahoma City Bar Association's Fee Grievance and Ethics Committee.

Contact: Rod Jones,

Mark Davidson

Graduate School of Geography

Clark University (Massachusetts)

"The hosting of the Olympics continues to entice many cities to enter a hyper-competitive bidding process. However, recent host cities have a mixed record of success in terms converting Olympic facilities into important municipal additions. This varied record of host city outcomes is, in part, explained by the different governance approaches cities have adopted."

An urban geographer with expertise in urban politics, urban change and social theory, Davidson has conducted sponsored research on the long-term impacts of the Olympic Games on host cities and has also worked on the post-Games developmental challenges and strategies faced by cities and regions.


Contact: Jane Salerno,,

Albert Goldson

Executive Director

Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC

Indo-Brazilian Associates is an NYC-based boutique global advisory firm and think tank that provides international investment strategies and geopolitical risk assessments. Goldson has contributed numerous articles, including a prescient blog in May 2015 on Petrobras, Brazil's Watergate. Additionally, he is a regular guest panelist on the award-winning international TV program "Fresh Outlook," and participated on several programs with respect to the impacts of the Ebola virus.



Legal/Ethics Issues:

Mark Conrad

Director, Sports Business Concentration; Associate Professor, Law and Ethics

Gabelli School of Business

Fordham University

Conrad comments in the major media quite often on national and international sports. He can discuss the following: 1) eligibility issues (e.g., PED violations by athletes); 2) legal Issues -- bribery allegations, public health and safety liability (e.g., Zika virus); 3) security; 4) ethical Issues (related to legal issues).

Contact: Gina Vergel,


Seth Ruden

Senior Fraud Consultant

ACI Worldwide

Ruden is a fraud/payments expert who can speak to a wide range of topics within the payments space as it relates to the Olympics. More specifically, he can also address payments fraud, credit card security, ATM skimming, cash vs. credit card use, buying tickets online, and the possibility of gas pump fraud.

Ruden is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and has been working with banks in the detection and mitigation of financial crimes since 2004, in the compliance department of one of the largest global banks. Since then, he has worked with law enforcement, regulators, executives and analysts in consulting positions beyond the United States, extending to financial services organizations in Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. Interests include payments security, financial crimes, fraud, money laundering, cybercrime, biometrics, authentication, data breaches, compromises, risk management, hacking and technology innovation.

Contact: Marie Matta,

Dr. Jeffrey Cantor


Defense Coach University

Dr. Cantor is one of the country's leading experts on personal and international security, including kidnap and ransom response, active shooter and terrorism preparedness, and personal security operations. His experience includes successfully leading security teams and event security for large crowd, high-risk venues where bomb threats had been received. He has served as a subject matter expert advisor to governments, militaries, law enforcement, corporations, security professionals and individuals in such areas as active shooter and terrorism preparedness, kidnap and ransom, kidnap-to-kill, threat assessment, risk and crisis management, travel security and dignitary protection. He is also the founder/CEO of the TRS International Group, a highly successful private security, defense intelligence, risk management and training firm. Through TRSIG, he has used his unique skills and real world experience to work for governments, corporations, organizations and private parties around the world supporting a myriad of security objectives and low signature operations including hostage recovery, terrorism, personal security operations, covert surveillance, asset transport and relocation and close and dignitary protection.

Websites: and

Contact: Linda Popky,



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