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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Asian dance wave phenomenon coming to Toronto

New Asian dance wave phenomenon coming to Toronto

TORONTO, April 12, 2016 /CNW/ - The largest global dance craze since Psy's "Gangam Style" is set to take Toronto by storm.

It's called K-pop; a cultural phenomenon import from Korea where young people dress in outlandish costumes and dance to some of the biggest boybands from Korea like SHINee.

"If you thought One Direction was big, Korea's SHINee is gigantic on a global scale, says K-pop concert promoter Gloria "Angel" Zhang, "One of the boyband's videos has generated more than 70 million views on YouTube."

The 24 year-old business woman is being credited with bringing K-pop influence into mainstream music culture in Toronto. Zhang has organized HallyuNorth; a two-day Korean Pop Culture EXPO (K-POP) beginning May 6, 2016 at Toronto's Enercare Centre. SHINee will be the headline act.

Watch SHINee's Exclusive Greeting To Toronto:

Ahead of SHINee's Toronto performance, Zhang has released 7 Korean pop-culture words she believes every Torontonian must know before Hallyu North.

Hallyu - Korean Wave-don't fight it because you have already been caught up in it.

Bodyrolls: A sexy K-pop dance move used by both male and female idols to drive fans crazy.

All-Kill: The weirdly violent term used for a K-pop song that reaches the top spot on all the major charts.

Cheongmal: An expression of disbelief and annoyance. Like saying "Really?!"

Hwa-ting!: Another way to write fighting! Means "you can do it!", "good luck!" or "let's go!"

Yeobo: Korean for "honey," this is a term of endearment used most often between married couples.

Zhjkgandfklkfh: Use this when you can't type because of too many feelings.

SOURCE Hallyu North Entertainment Inc.

Hallyu North Entertainment Inc.

CONTACT: Media contact: Gloria "Angel" Zhang, CEO Hallyu North Entertainment Inc., Toronto, ON, 647-520-8985

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