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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Innovation and Entrepreneurship TV Show Maker Horizon to Air April 10

Innovation and Entrepreneurship TV Show Maker Horizon to Air April 10

China's first in-studio TV show on business startups provides the opportunity for overseas venture capital and private equity firms to talk business in the country's tech capital Shenzhen

SHENZHEN, China, April 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Maker Horizon, China's first in-studio TV show on business startups and jointly participated in by entrepreneurs, mentors and service platforms, begins airing on April 10 on Shenzhen Business Channel. Each episode focuses on one topic related to entrepreneurship, on which the three sides share ideas from their own perspectives.

The makers of the show, which is produced by Shenzhen Ziwu Culture Communication Co.,Ltd., believe that global dialogue in innovation and entrepreneurship will be the new trend. People who are innovative and highly matched in resources, who share similar values and goals, are able to work together and inspire each other's potential via sharing and communicating.

They also predict multi-dimensional dialogue in innovation and entrepreneurship will be another trend. This is because one event can be understood in different ways, depending whether the investor emphasizes on business results, an entrepreneur who executes, or a third-party who analyzes and spreads information. Different perspectives are able to form new directions for innovation and entrepreneurship through TV languages.

Maker Horizon will focus on Shenzhen, as the city in southern China's Guangdong Province has become a global synonym for business creation in the last decade.

Shenzhen boasts an optimal environment for business creation. A great number of noted local companies, including workshop Chaihuo Makerspace, civilian-drone maker DJI, and telecommunications company Huawei, all originated from local startups. These companies demonstrate the stamina of the government's endeavor to encourage people to start their own businesses and to make innovations. It is hoped they will become the future leading forces of the country's economic growth.

Behind these companies' quick growth and continuous breakthroughs lies a variety of well-grounded venture capital companies and investment service platforms. Shenzhen has already formed a virtuous cycle in cultivating innovation entrepreneurship, thanks to its growing capital power and supportive services. So far, the number of municipal startups has reached 1,213, 800 and there are more than 120 incubators around the city, accommodating 5,870 startups and 210,000 employees.

What's more, Shenzhen now sees an annual growth rate of 25 percent in the number of companies in the science and technology service sector. The number of the city's venture capital (VC) companies and private equity (PE) institutions has exceeded 8,800, with a registered capital of RMB 230 billion (approx. 35.5 billion USD). The amount of capital under management accounts for nearly one-third of that in the entire country.

In this context, Maker Horizon now invites overseas investment firms to talk with business startups in Shenzhen. The program provides the opportunity for VC and PE companies to publicize both the investor and the brand. Through discussions with different entrepreneurs, investment institutions also get access to more potentially profitable projects. Among recent guests, there are a few who have already decided to invest in projects or who have recommended peer companies to the program.

Maker Horizon has already successfully reported global and multi-dimensional discussions, including with business technology expert Kevin Kelly when he made a speech at Shenzhen-based Shengda Group, a leading interactive entertainment media company. He talked about how to predict and analyze the evolution of human beings and technology in the future, and talked to several entrepreneurs from the Internet and technology sector.

In the future, Maker Horizon will be taking the lead to initiate such dialogues. In mid-July, a group of Shenzhen entrepreneurs will visit Silicon Valley with the program. Maker Horizon will not only cover the event throughout the visit, but will also produce a special series and host a number of off-line activities.

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