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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SocialToaster and SME Digital Provide the Missing Link to the Launch of O2 Media Inc.'s Organic Social TV Campaign for 'The Balancing Act' airing on Lifetime

SocialToaster and SME Digital Provide the Missing Link to the Launch of O2 Media Inc.'s Organic Social TV Campaign for 'The Balancing Act' airing on Lifetime

Leading brand entertainment production firm and social media luminaires design a Social TV Campaign that monetizes brand sponsorships, drives fan engagement and increases new viewership for dynamic morning talk show

BALTIMORE, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SocialToaster announced today that they have been chosen along with media partner, SME Digital, Social Media Explorer's digital marketing agency, to launch a new and innovative Social TV Campaign for 'The Balancing Act.' 'The Balancing Act,' is America's premier morning show, which airs weekday mornings at 7am (ET/PT) on Lifetime Television and is produced by O2 Media Inc.

O2 Media Inc., a full-service integrated media and production company, is a pioneer in the Branded Entertainment industry. Unlike other production firms, networks or agencies, O2 Media Inc. is providing their clients with branding insight and strategy all in one place, creating dynamic social conversations that allow them to engage with their audience and have the audience shape the direction of a show or development of a product. Kraft's new Baker's Chocolate product will be introduced and used in a cooking segment on August 2, 2012. O2 Media Inc. was looking for an effective way to engage the audience with Kraft's new product and provide an easy way for audience members to then bring this segment and the product into their own kitchens. To achieve this goal, O2 Media Inc. set out to create a Social TV Campaign for Lifetime's 'The Balancing Act' and Kraft's new Baker's Chocolate. The campaign was designed to drive audience engagement, allow viewers to determine the content of the show, incentivize fans to influence new supporters of the show, and increase social sharing. In addition, the campaign encourages interaction through Facebook, Twitter, and provides bloggers a way to monetize brand sponsorships.

SME Digital worked with O2 Media Inc. to develop a Social TV Campaign that would include a food blogger contest, where contestants with a strong following would be asked to submit a video of them making a recipe using Kraft's new Baker's Chocolate to win an opportunity for them to have their own segment on 'The Balancing Act.' The second contest involves viewers submitting their own recipes, including the story and history behind the recipe with a photo, to be voted on by the show's Facebook fans and Twitter followers for a variety of cash prizes. The 1(st) prize recipe winner will receive $1,000 and a summer cookout.

SME Digital chose SocialToaster as the platform to push out controlled messages and content around the contests to 'The Balancing Act's' Super Fans' as a result of the company's strong background in the area and track-record for results with a number of recognizable brands. SocialToaster amplifies corporate messaging on brands' social networking sites, proving that there is immense value in social media engagement. Loyal fans of a brand called 'Super Fans' are mobilized with an email whenever the brand has blog postings, events, articles, or promotions for them to promote. With just one click, Super Fans share the brand's content with peers across all of their selected social networking sites. The visibility of the message increases exponentially as the content is shared.

"Over the last few months, we've taken SocialToaster a step further and established a gamification element to the system," explained Brian Razzaque, CEO of SocialToaster. "We believe the incredible share rates that our clients have experienced are a result of the combination of the gaming elements of the software that ties rewarding to sharing and recruitment of new fans and the ease of use for our client's consumers. This will add tremendous value to O2 Media Inc. and 'The Balancing Act' in launching, promoting and assessing the Social TV Campaign."

"O2 Media Inc. is setting a new frontier for what an integrated media production company can bring to the table and sharing with networks and brands how to utilize social, TV and mobile to increase viewership, determine show content and provide more incentives for brand sponsorships," said Jamie Kennedy, Social Media Director at O2 Media Inc. "SME Digital's consultation was the strategic insight we needed to ensure the campaign was fully integrated and provided both brands and fans incentives. When we learned that brands were seeing an increase in anywhere from 60 to 74 percent of their content shared across the social networks of their fans every time it gets delivered through the SocialToaster, we knew that SocialToaster was the missing link to launching this campaign successfully."

"We are extremely excited to have been chosen by O2 Media Inc. as a strategic partner to assist in the development and launch of the campaign. We recommended SocialToaster as the software to help amplify the news around the contests and provide fan feedback and metrics to assist in meeting the goals we established for the campaign," commented Nichole Kelly, President of SME Digital.

About 'The Balancing Act'

"The Balancing Act," America's premier morning show, airs weekday mornings on Lifetime Television at 7:00am (ET/PT). These days the modern woman is trying to balance it all and the mission at "The Balancing Act" is to bring solutions to them to help them balance life, career, family, and most importantly themselves. For more information please contact us at:

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SocialToaster, a new, innovative software company based in Baltimore, Maryland provides a simple way to amplify the reach of messages on social networking sites by making content sharing fun and easy. SocialToaster mobilizes Super Fans of media and entertainment brands, sports teams, and other major brands to increase fan engagement, drive website traffic, and strengthen brand loyalty. As an alternative to traditional advertising, SocialToaster helps clients monetize the social channel by increasing the visibility of posts and maximizing their potential reach in a repeatable, measurable way. Unlike its competitors, SocialToaster empowers Super Fans to push controlled content directly to their peers. To learn more about SocialToaster, visit

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