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Friday, September 29, 2006

Return of the Coreys Not the RETURN OF THE LOST BOYS: Clearing a Blurred Reality

Return of the Coreys Not the RETURN OF THE LOST BOYS: Clearing a Blurred Reality

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary duo Corey Feldman and Corey Haim begin pre-production on their new, as of yet untitled, television show. Executive producers Feldman and Haim are truly thrilled to be working together again for the first time in over ten years, and greatly look forward to a successful partnership with production company RDF Media, and the A&E Network. The show, a reality based comedy, reunites the long time friends, and also stars Corey's wife of four years, Susie Sprague-Feldman. Unfortunately, there have been several false statements made in various publications and on the internet regarding the show, as well as Feldman and Haim. The Feldman camp wishes to issue the following statements to clear up any potential misconceptions.

* RETURN OF THE LOST BOYS is simply a working title for the project, and
will NOT be the airing title of the show

* There have been references to Feldman's "return to acting." Tracie May
of Fabulous PR, Corey Feldman's publicist, replies "If we are going to
talk "reality," Mr. Feldman has worked consistently as an actor in
Hollywood for 32 years. Anyone with access to the IMDB can see that.
He just received a best actor award for his outstanding work in the
film "The Birthday." His animated Toon Disney show Super Robot Monkey
Team Hyperforce Go! is currently airing its third season. The
statement that he is returning to acting is simply ridiculous."

* Mr. Haim has been referred to as "broke and homeless." The show's plot
involves the typical life at home with the Feldman family that becomes
dramatically altered by a friendly visit turned stay by Haim. For
dramatic effect only, Haim's character on the show will be "broke and
homeless"; Mr. Haim in his real life is in fact not.

* A topic raised in several articles was Feldman and Haim's former
substance abuse issues. In response. Feldman's issues were more than
fifteen years ago when he was a teenager, and he is now focused on
career, family, and his commitment to animal and environmental rights;
he is being recognized with an award for dedication to animal rights in
two weeks by the Wildlife WayStation. Haim is also doing better than
ever, and looks forward to beginning work on this show.

* Feldman quotes "Corey and I have been looking for the right opportunity
to work together again, and now is the time, as Corey looks great and
is doing better than ever."

For press inquiries regarding Corey and Susie Feldman, please contact Tracie May of Fabulous ... PR

Source: Fabulous PR

CONTACT: Tracie May of Fabulous PR, +1-213-488-9923,

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