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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Relish the Brazilian Fiesta and Watch the Rio Olympics Live on Your LeEco Super TV

Relish the Brazilian Fiesta and Watch the Rio Olympics Live on Your LeEco Super TV

BANGALORE, August 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Missed your flight to Rio? Don't fret and frown. Watching a photo finish race live or
wondering about the result of that 'edge of the seat' tennis game is not seven seas away.
They are just a step away as you can enjoy the panoramic view of the same games in the
comfort of your living room.

LeEco has ushered in a new era of content integrated TVs in India with the launch of
its Super3 series of Super TVs that is all set to redefine the TV viewing experience for
Indian users by bringing its superlative technologies at indisputably disruptive prices.
You can also enjoy the ultra-clear 3D picture of Samba dance with its crystal clear music,
making you feel like you have never missed your Rio flight at all.

The 4K ultra HD display ensures a crystal-clear and razor-sharp viewing experience of
the picturesque and exotic locales of Brazil, and the Dolby Audio and DTS premium sound
technologies that they support ensure an ultimate music and entertainment experience.

LeEco's exemplary 3D model - Super3 Max65 - is the unmatched flagship in the series
and its polarized 3D feature will eliminate the major discomforts such as blurring and
dizziness, which users usually face while watching 3D content. The 3D glasses that LeEco's
Super3 Max65 comes with are of superior quality, eliminating the viewer discomfort and
enhancing the overall user experience of 3D consumption.

Currently, LeEco's Super TV users will get to access about 2000 Full HD/HD films from
Hollywood and Bollywood, more than 100 satellite TV channels, 3.5 million songs (coming
soon by software upgrade), and more than 50 live concerts. In the coming months, the
global corporate will most likely acquire more than 1000+ hours of content and may offer
more than 15 HD channels as part of Le Live to its users.

A powerful GPU ensures better quality pictures while watching fast-moving scenes or
action-packed movies. LeEco's Super TVs carry the best GPU in the market that ensures a
crystal-clear and sharp image. Even the CPU that LeEco's Super TVs come with is more
powerful than any other competitor's flagship models.

Most TVs sold in the Indian market carry either an ARM(R) Cortex(R) A9 or A7
processor. But LeEco's Super TVs come with ARM(R) Cortex(R) A17 processor that gives 40
percent faster performance than A9. Even the GPU that LeEco's Super TV carry is of a
higher model - Mali T760 GPU.

Elegant on the outside, power-packed inside:

- A strong all-metal body that exudes elegance and sophistication

- Quad-core Cortex A17 CPU, a quad-core Graphics Processor and a top-of-the line 60
fps 4K video decoder, enabling smoother playback, faster decoding and accurate

- 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage guarantee smooth streaming and image
clarity while multitasking

Best-in-class display quality:

- 4K Ultra HD display with 8.29 million pixels ensuring a crystal-clear viewing

- In-Plane Switching, 178 wide viewing angle which will not let you miss a thing

- Wide colour gamut of up to 85% NTSC, resulting in more vivid image

- MACE PRO4 picture processor, making noise reduction a cinch

An audio experience like never before

- Dolby Audio and DTS premium sound ensure an ultimate music and entertainment

- High-fidelity sound quality enables users to enjoy a cinema-like audio experience
from the comfort of their living rooms


- Multi-purpose ports that are compatible with extensive external multimedia
devices, meeting the needs of different family members

- High-speed USB 3.0 port which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, ensuring fast
copying of videos, quick display of pictures and the support of a wide variety of
audio, image and video formats

For prices, please visit: Super3 X55 [ ],
Super 3 X65 [ ] and Super3 Max65
[ ]

About LeEco:

LeEco, formerly known as Letv, is a global pioneering Internet and technology company
with multiple internet ecosystems across content, devices, applications and platforms.
Founded in November 2004 by Jia Yueting and Liu Hong, LeEco employs more than 10,000
people and is the world's first video company to go public with a market capitalization of
more than $12 billion USD. Headquartered in Beijing, China, it has regional headquarters
in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

With 'Complete ecosystem, ground-breaking technologies, and disruptive pricing' as the
guiding principle, LeEco is engaged in a myriad of businesses, spanning from
Internet-based Super TV and Superphones, video production and distribution, smart
devices/accessories and large-screen applications, to e-commerce and even connected
super-electric cars. The company also features one of the world's largest content
libraries, comprising of movies, TV dramas, entertainment shows, sports and music, which
can be conveniently viewed on LeEco products, including the Superphones, Super TVs, and in
the near future, Le Autos. Breaking the barriers of industries, LeEco provides
personalized products and services for an enhanced user experience at disruptive prices.

Media Contact:
Nitin Kinger
LeEco India


Le Ecosystem Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

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