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Monday, August 01, 2016

New Album, 'The Candidates from New York' Gives the 2016 Election Historical Perspective

New Album, 'The Candidates from New York' Gives the 2016 Election Historical Perspective

American Pioneer Music says campaign songs connect the current presidential campaign with the past.

NEWARK, N.J., Aug. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new album of 11 campaign songs, "The Candidates from New York," explores the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton through the lens of 19th century political election songs. In the 1800's, campaign songs were a popular form of media that helped influence election results before mass communication, says American Pioneer Music President Stuart Schimler.

"Our first release centered on the 1864 election. Now we can experience the same tunes and capture modern sentiments with the 2016 campaign," says Schimler, whose company is the only record label to exclusively tackle this distinctly American folk and political history.

"This album is politically neutral with songs for each of the candidates. The themes and lyrics are bound to give supporters and critics of each party much to talk about. More importantly, the songs will connect the election to other campaigns in American history."

"The Candidates from New York" is unique - even for a concept album, says Schimler, who produced the songs for the project.

Catchy campaign songs were an effective way of spreading messages. Promoters, politicians and supporters matched set their lyrics to popular Irish and Scottish melodies, minstrel songs and ballads.

In this compilation, American Pioneer Music offers a collection of new songs written from the perspective of both the Republican and Democratic parties. The title track will also catch the interest of independents that do not find either major party candidate attractive. All of the melodies on the album were used by other candidates in past campaigns or other politically oriented songs in the 1800s. The powerful lyrics follow many of the themes and sentiments that were present in America's political past.

Most of the 19th Century's most popular minstrel and patriotic tunes are present on the album, such as "Oh Susannah," "Dixie's Land," and "The Sidewalks of New York," which is used on the title track that makes reference to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. American Pioneer Music decided to release the album as a tribute to American history and not to endorse one particular candidate. Understanding America's political culture requires that listeners are aware of the type of political music that came before, "The electorate will enjoy hearing how the current presidential race might sound if it took place 150 years ago," Schimler says. "This is one way to experience American history and current events in tandem."

About American Pioneer Music

American Pioneer Music L.L.C. was founded in 2013 to produce songs from the American experience, with an emphasis on presidential campaign tunes. The company is a dedicated to the largely forgotten genre in both U.S. history and folk music. Its first release "Abraham Lincoln and the 1864 Election" and its new release "The Candidates from New York" are currently available on digital music stores.

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