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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

"Love Is 528" The World's First Song Using the Scientifically Proven Frequency of Love

"Love Is 528" The World's First Song Using the Scientifically Proven Frequency of Love

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In a world where terrorist attacks, police killings, killing of police, military coups, political unrest and divorce are at an all time high, it is time we slow down and help the world get back into "Harmony." Recent scientific studies have made a miraculous discovery - an audio frequency of 528 Hz exists as the scientific "sound of love"...a specific sound wave that literally spreads love around the world.

Now, for the first time ever, a song has been created that rides this love wave. "Love is 528", written and produced by up and coming producer Jesse Pacheco and sung by young pop artist JP Vance, uses the 528 Hz frequency as the base for the song. It is a song that addresses the measurable power of love and hope that brings the world together at all levels. The core of the song is romantic love, family love and self love as Jesse and JP believe it is these elements that drive world love and world peace. They believe that all love starts at home and then can be multiplied to positively influence all things in the universe.

Jesse and JP dream that "Love is 528" will be a force that will make the world take a moment to realize its imbalances, and bring everyone back into a peaceful equilibrium and harmony. The hope is that the song will cause people to rethink what is really important in life. Jesse and JP go as far as to guarantee every time you listen to Love is 528 that you will experience positive changes in your life. Something as simple and powerful as the proof that love has real scientific backing, can spawn an evolution of understanding that love is what unites us all as human beings. JP and Jesse hope that Love is 528 can help cure world problems, and cause people to fall in love and stay in love.

Jesse and JP's mission is to make "Love is 528" a world anthem for love. JP Vance is a 15-year-old international artist who grew up in both Beijing and America. He is an American kid who speaks, reads and writes Chinese just as fluently as he does English. He is of Asian and Caucasian descent, appealing to both the American and Chinese markets. JP's Chinese name is Jiang Zi Long. At the age of 12, he had a number one song in China.

The music duo has created a 10-point doctrine for "Love is 528" to achieve several missions for all of humanity, wherever it is heard:

- - To bring people together to find lasting love.

- - To make a strong relationship even stronger for couples already in love.

- - To help reduce divorce and to once again enjoy a loving relationship with your family and friends.

- - To help people relax, heal old wounds and better love themselves so they can spread that love to others.

- - To have romantic love that enjoys good communication, caring, commitment and forgiveness.

- - For people to consciously be thankful and appreciative for what they already have before reaching for more.

- - To make people see past the color of skin and other differences.

- - To stop terrorists from using terror to convey their message.

- - To be empathetic by listening better and taking the time to see the other person's point of view.

- - To understand that love is the base of all things in life.

This song is all these things and so much more. The 528 Hz frequency is used throughout "Love is 528" as its base. JP and Jesse dream that whoever listens to the song will make changes in their life, and go on to spread those same changes in others, one person at a time. This domino effect is setting off a new wave of harmony that will make every day Valentine's Day - a world of romance, love and appreciation year round.

"Love is 528" is set to drop on the heels of the upcoming 2016 Summer Games. The song's core values go hand-in-hand with what the Summer Games represent: World Unity. To emulate this sentiment, JP and Jesse will be launching the song's debut primarily on YouTube so that people around the world may have access to it. They also hope that radio stations will play the song to change the world for the better. The song can be found online by searching "Love is 528" or "JP Vance" on & The song can also be purchased on ITunes and CdBaby.

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747-477-9258, Instagram: jpvancemusic

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