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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

EPICT Introduces a smart antenna, WatchAir(TM), to complete alternatives for cord cutting, powered by patented Hang & Watch Technology(TM)

EPICT Introduces a smart antenna, WatchAir(TM), to complete alternatives for cord cutting, powered by patented Hang & Watch Technology(TM)

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- After years of research and development, EPICT is pleased to introduce a smart antenna, WatchAir(TM), powered by patented Hang & Watch Technology(TM).This innovation will provide consumers with more complete alternatives by wirelessly streaming live HDTV directly from WatchAir(TM) to any smart phone, tablet, streaming box and stick, and smart TV. All equipped without a monthly subscription fee.

WatchAir(TM) seamlessly integrates the high-performance antenna with wireless streaming through a simple and intuitive app. WatchAir(TM) Beta are currently assembled and tested and will be featured through crowdfunding on August, 2016. Consumer units will be available at the retail price of $199 with $50 of one-time activation fee and expected to ship before the Black Friday season of 2016.

Key to the innovative and superior nature of WatchAir(TM) is the receptive technology - one that displays competitive outperformance - of live HDTV programs. The Hang & Watch Technology(TM) of WatchAir(TM) eliminates the hassle of connecting antennas to TVs and presents users with a wireless HDTV experience. With WatchAir's(TM) graphic and intuitive features, the WatchAir(TM) app finds the optimal location for installing the HD indoor antenna, regardless of its proximity to the TV. At home, WatchAir(TM) is connected through the Wi-Fi network router. WatchAir(TM) can even be accessed on smart devices through data connection, Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE.

"We have created an easy and absolute solution to the completion of cord cutting. That solution being wirelessly streaming one's local live HDTV program on your favorite streaming boxes (e.g. Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV). WatchAir(TM) is a HDTV antenna with its own specific app," said Justin Park, CEO of EPICT.

EPICT plans to unveil WatchAir(TM) Beta to the public and media in Aug 2016, and simultaneously, a Kickstarter campaign for WatchAir(TM) will commence during the same time. The shipped version will have an indoor, power-amplified HDTV ATSC antenna that covers up to 60 miles of reception at high-band VHF, low-band VHF, and UHF. This smart antenna will provide 7GB of built-in storage for a 10 hour-long HD recording and additional storage option of up to 32GB, available through a Micro SD card slot or a USB 2.0 slot. WatchAir(TM) is connected through Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz MIMO (2X2). The pre-sale price for WatchAir(TM) will be set at $199 with ancillary incentives via the Kickstarter campaign.

About EPICT, Inc.: Founded in 2016, EPICT, the creator of WatchAir(TM), has been leading Hang and Watch Technology(TM) based on patented technology to allow consumers to watch live HDTV program on their smart devices directly streaming from WatchAir(TM) smart antenna. For more information, please see or follow its Facebook page at


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