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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Dawn's Highway A Short Documentary Film Uncovers Witnesses, Actual Site Of "Dawn's Highway" Accident

Dawn's Highway A Short Documentary Film Uncovers Witnesses, Actual Site Of "Dawn's Highway" Accident

Jim Morrison's Self-described Formative Human Experience

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Poet and rock and roll legend Jim Morrison described a childhood encounter with a deadly traffic accident in the desert at dawn, and a short documentary film, Dawn's Highway reveals witnesses and the actual site of this formative event. Brad Durham, a Tennessean who produces and directs the film, has posted the film on YouTube for the public to view. The film can be viewed at

A newspaper article that authenticates Jim Morrison's story is highlighted in the film. The article describes the horrible accident involving an overturned truck carrying 10 workers to Los Alamos early in the morning of October 17, 1947. Interviews with the driver of the truck and an observer of the accident are featured in the documentary.

Frank Lisciandro, Morrison's colleague and friend has said about the film: "I recorded Jim Morrison telling the story of the accident. I have always believed that Mr. Morrison's tale of the accident was credible and that his memory of the event was accurate even in detail. Dawn's Highway appears to substantiate many of the physical details of Mr. Morrison's story."

Brad Durham states that his film presents convincing evidence that Jim Morrison was talking about a personal experience when he told the story about Dawn's Highway: "My purpose in making this film was to present evidence so that people can make up their own minds about the authenticity of Jim Morrison's story. Personally, Jim Morrison opened a pathway for me in this story that led to personal enlightenment. This film may help other people connect to Jim Morrison's story on a deeper level. My hope is that people will be led to investigate Jim Morrison's writings. Jim Morrison had a lot to say, and I want to point people to the wealth of his ideas and poetry."

It was the most important accident in rock and roll history. It didn't kill a rock star. It created one.

For additional information, go to, and contact Brad Durham at CELL: 615-838-4426, EMAIL:

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