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Monday, August 08, 2016

Basswall: Ultimate Hide-Fi Sound System Launches Kickstarter Project

Basswall: Ultimate Hide-Fi Sound System Launches Kickstarter Project

NEW MILTON, England, Aug. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- When Basswall CEO Jamie White hung his company's new sound system on the wall in an Irish pub in Cannes and Antibes, France, the positive response was overwhelming. After all, a framed poster was pumping out studio-quality sound without wires or any visual indication that a speaker was involved--and people had just one question: Where can I get one? Today, that question is answered: Basswall has just launched its Kickstarter campaign, and early funders have the opportunity to receive the very first Basswalls in production.

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Dubbed "the stealth ninja of Bluetooth speakers," Basswall is the world's first hide-fi sound system. To the casual eye, it looks like nothing more than a piece of framed art on the wall--until it begins streaming music from any Bluetooth device.

That's when Basswall becomes a 200-watt stereo system delivering high-quality sound that simulates a full studio sound set-up, with just one speaker. Basswall fits any standard poster-sized artwork, making it infinitely customizable to fit any room's style.

"Without Bluetooth and smartphones, Basswall couldn't exist," White stated. "It's one of those great things we can do now that everyone was missing."

The secret to Basswall's sound quality lies in its design, which White, an award-winning record producer, spent three years developing. Behind the artwork, Basswall consists of a large cavity filled with sound-dampening material that reduces the speed of sound, which in effect creates a much larger space for bass frequencies from the dual subwoofer array. The effect is amplified with the addition of a finely tuned bass port. Four speakers--two 19mm titanium dome tweeters and two 70mm coated cellulose mid-range drivers--on top of the Basswall fire frequencies above 1,000 hertz straight up, bouncing sound off the ceiling and opposite wall to create the same effect as putting a small speaker in a bowl to amplify sound, but without unwanted noise.

Connecting to Basswall is as simple as pairing a Bluetooth device with a Bluetooth speaker and pushing play on a favorite playlist. No special app is required, and Basswall is not device-specific. Because the user can add any poster-sized art to Basswall and no wires or electrical outlets are required, the sound system's uses are endless, from coffee shops and offices to clubs, homes, and more. White has even developed a special marine version of Basswall designed for super yachts. Running on 240- or 110-volt power, Basswall will work anywhere in the world and includes full thermal and overload protection.

Part of Basswall's appeal is the element of surprise. When people at the Irish pub discovered just where the music was coming from, most were taken aback.

"It's a really clear sound," said one pubgoer who described herself as having a background in broadcasting. "I've never seen anything like it before, but it's great."

"I'm standing here looking at a picture and there's sound coming out of it, and I'm thinking, where's it coming from?" said another customer. "[It] makes really good sound. Bass is massive."

For White, those types of responses to are par for the course. "Seeing people's reactions for the first time is just the best," White explained. "Basswall is a lot of fun to use."

Basswall Pioneers, those who pledge just £10 or more, will see their names posted on the Basswall of Fame at But it's the Ultra Early Bird pledges--those of £349 or more--that will score one of the world's first Basswalls, which will retail for £599 when they go into production this fall.

To learn more about Basswall, visit Basswall Kickstarter campaign details are available at or at the Basswall Kickstarter page.

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