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Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Operation Rock The Troops": Military Charities Band Together to Raise Awareness and Funds for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

"Operation Rock The Troops": Military Charities Band Together to Raise Awareness and Funds for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

DALLAS, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Every day, 22 military veterans commit suicide, and traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause. Now, the rock band JC AllStars, together with military charities like Platoon 22 and Task Force Dagger Foundation, among others, are working to make a difference in the battle against TBI. This summer, they've organized an ambitious concert and events tour that will take them coast to coast from July 13 to July 30. More information is available at

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Traveling with the tour will be the team behind the documentary film "Light Up To Live." The film follows along with five veterans who have each suffered TBI during their years of service. Symptoms of their condition linger on, yet, as the filmmakers explain, brain injury is an "invisible disease." Current treatments are only marginally effective, if at all. Moreover, everyone with TBI has a different experience, adding to the difficulty in finding a real cure. "Light Up To Live" will showcase two new, drug-free approaches to treating TBI that already show tremendous potential to give "light and hope" to these individuals and so many others like them.

The veterans profiled in "Light Up To Live" will each receive a CereScan (brain scan) at the beginning and end of their 12-week treatment with In Light Wellness, a light therapy program. With the brain scans, the audience will literally see what a difference this treatment can make in the lives of those afflicted with TBI.

The 17-day "Operation Rock The Troops" tour will be staging events in the following locations:

-- Los Angeles
-- Phoenix
-- El Paso
-- Dallas
-- Kansas City, KS
-- Nashville
-- Jacksonville
-- Camp Lejeune, NC
-- Washington D.C.
-- Frederick, MD
Donations to fund the tour are being accepted now through July 13; all money raised during the course of the tour will go to benefit Task Force Dagger Foundation and their efforts to promote the CereScan and In Light Wellness systems featured in the documentary.

About Operation Rock The Troops

JC AllStars have one mission under their military nonprofit charity, "Operation Rock The Troops," and that is to tour for our U.S. Troops and perform with other military charities. Their goal to hand out over 100,000 copies of their CD for FREE, drives them to bring the troops personally a piece of home through music and their live performances.

In the last 11 years they have completed 6 World Tours, to 13 Countries on military bases, with over 1,000 shows in the U.S., Greenland, Turkey, Kosovo, South Korea, Guam, Marshall Islands, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Greece.


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