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Monday, May 09, 2016

Lucky 13 Film Producing Two Films Based on Books by Dr. Neil Shulman, Creator of Doc Hollywood, and Sam Jane Brown

Lucky 13 Film Producing Two Films Based on Books by Dr. Neil Shulman, Creator of Doc Hollywood, and Sam Jane Brown

ATLANTA, May 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Second Wind Features in association with Lucky 13 Film, is producing a feature film version of Sam Jane Brown's popular but highly controversial book, "Forgotten Word," the author announced today. The book offers readers a murder mystery predicting that the second coming of Jesus Christ will be in female form. The production is half of a two-picture deal announced by Second Wind Features, which includes the film "Second Wind" based on the book by the same name by Dr. Neil Shulman ("Doc Hollywood") and P.K. Beville (Second Wind Dreams).

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The creative team behind both the "Forgotten Word" and the "Second Wind" feature films is Patricia Roberts, Kim Sheroff and Heather Place, who are the founders of Second Wind Features, LLC and who are all Executive Producers on both films. The projects are being produced in association with Lucky 13 Film, a production company founded by Patricia Roberts and Julia Watt. Roberts is slated to direct both films. "When I read 'Forgotten Word,' I knew right away that it would make an amazing movie," said Roberts. "Not only is it a gripping, hold on to your seat thriller, but the book asks some very profound questions about the nature of religion and humanity. You can't ask for a more delicious mix of themes when you're producing a great movie."

"Forgotten Word" is set in a world of high intrigue in the church. The novel begins with the murder of Catholic priests. These crimes are a catalyst in telling the story of the impending Second Coming. Zena McGrath, an international detective, is assigned the murders to solve. Her investigation takes her to the Vatican, where she meets a mysterious priest. In New York, she becomes aware of an evil presence following her. Ultimately, she goes to the Holy Land as the perpetrators of the crime are revealed. The book culminates in a climactic Second Coming, in which the "Christ" figure is a woman.

"I am honored to be working with Patricia Roberts, Lucky 13 Film and the Second Wind Features team," said Brown. "It's also very exciting to be in such esteemed company as Neil Shulman and his collaborators on 'Second Wind".

"Second Wind" depicts a run down assisted living home in Georgia. The residents get more than a second wind when a wealthy woman is forced to live there by her spoiled grandson. "Second Wind" brings together a wonderfully, colorful cast of endearing characters that you can't help but love. The story gives viewers an inside look at the life of senior citizens. In addition to Neil Shulman and P.K. Beville, the writing team includes Robert Soloway, PhD, and screenwriter, Debra Matassino.

The cast of the film includes Bill Cobbs ("Night at the Museum"), Marshall R. Teague ("Road House"), John William Young ("Road House"), Jeremy Miller ("Growing Pains"), Alpha Trivette ("Banshee"), Alison Newman ("Julia") and Heather Place ("Tiger Lily"). A short film based on characters from the book won the Georgia Entertainment Award for "Best Short or Web Series" at the 2014 Georgia Entertainment Gala.

Neil Shulman is a medical doctor and the author of many books, including "Doc Hollywood," which was the basis for the film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox. He has traveled the country with his one-man comedy act based on personal experiences. P.K. Beville is a clinician specializing in geriatrics and is the Founder and Director of Second Wind Dreams, a nonprofit organization that strives to bring seniors back to the forefront of society and help make their dreams come true.

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