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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Google Android Co-Creator Andy Rubin And International Music Powerhouse Timbaland Back SubPac

Google Android Co-Creator Andy Rubin And International Music Powerhouse Timbaland Back SubPac


LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SubPac, a transformational technology brand, is pioneering a cultural shift across the music and technology industries by revolutionizing the traditional perception of sound. SubPac is immersive physical-sound technology that brings music to life, expanding beyond an audio concept to a full-body experience. The startup has attracted major investors and industry leaders who have joined forces to engineer this unprecedented sound movement.

SubPac announces the close of $6M Series A financing with notable investors that include veteran DJ, Richie Hawtin, Dada Life, Azure Capital, NBA All Star Carmelo Anthony's M7 Tech Partners, and Andy Rubin of Playground Global and formerly Google Android. The funds are earmarked for development as the brand is positioned to significantly disrupt the music and tech industries.

"SubPac opened my eyes to the power of physical sound. It will absolutely change the way people experience music, VR and cinema." said Andy Rubin, founder & CEO, Playground Global.

SubPac is creating its own physical-sound category through two unique products; the SubPac M2, a wearable vest, and the SubPac S2, a seatback device. Both create a new form of expression for musicians and sound designers to connect with their fans on a deeper level by using innovative technology that allows consumers to physically feel sound. This tangible connectivity captivated GRAMMY-winning producer Timbaland to come on board as a partner and introduce the brand to the music industry.

"SubPac is a game changing experience for both artists and fans," said Timbaland. "It lets you feel the music like never before. It's the feeling that's been missing, until now."

SubPac is a privately held technology company and was the brainchild of Co-Founders John Alexiou and Todd Chernecki. The startup's leadership team also includes Sean Leonard, Head of Strategic Development and Sarosh Khwaja, Head of R&D. SubPac is based in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles and has offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, London and Toronto.

"Andy Rubin and Timbaland are two of the finest creative minds on the planet," said John Alexiou, Co-Founder and CEO of SubPac. "They have both moved culture in significant ways, and will play leading roles in SubPac's mission to bring the feeling of music & sound to the world."

SubPac is currently available on with the SubPac M2 retailing for $349 and SubPac S2 for $299.

About SubPac

SubPac is a pioneering technology startup defining the physical-sound category where music, VR, games and film can be experienced in a whole new way. Through its patent-pending immersive physical-sound technology, SubPac transcends the traditional audio experience by allowing users to actually feel sound throughout their body. Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in The Bay Area, London and Toronto, SubPac is the brainchild of Co-Founders John Alexiou and Todd Chernecki. With feeling comes connection, with connection comes creativity, with creativity comes community, with community comes impact. Feeling is Believing -




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