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Hollywood's Bad Boy Jack Nicholson Claims He's a Fool for Love and Dishes on His Love Life in the March/April Issue of AARP The Magazine

Hollywood's Bad Boy Jack Nicholson Claims He's a Fool for Love and Dishes on His Love Life in the March/April Issue of AARP The Magazine

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- One-time rogue Jack Nicholson sat down with AARP The Magazine, the definitive voice for 50+ Americans and the world's largest-circulation magazine with 33 million readers, for a candid interview about love, aging in Hollywood and his kids. Featured on the cover of the March/April issue of the magazine -- available January 24th and online at -- Hollywood's staunchest libertine, a three-time Academy Award winner, is now using his clout to break taboos about aging.

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On falling in love again?

"Who would not want to? I don't know how it is with women, but I know this about men: men behave worse when there are not women in their lives. In fact, one of the things I get from my contemporaries, in an intimate talk, is that almost all of them say, I just want that one last big romance...[So,] yes, I'd love it. I never minded being a fool for love. It's nice to have a place where it's good to be foolish."

"Ask any old friend of mine, they'll say, Jack, he's pretty smart, but in this area the man is beyond the pale. Don't ask him anything about love. Or if you ask him, don't listen to him."

"I can't hit on a girl in public like I used to. I never thought words like undignified would come into my own reflections on myself, but I can't do it anymore...I feel uncomfortable. I don't think anybody cares what I do in these areas, but it feels a little bit off to me."

On Dating Someone of AARP Age...

"Well, yes I'd do everything to a woman of AARP age, and have. In fact, every year I like to cover a very broad spectrum. But you know? I've been single for quite a long time. I've been invested in my teenage children."

On Sex at Age 50+...

"I'm trying to not eliminate sexuality from over-50 literature. People don't want to know that Dad or Grandma is over there kootching it up a little bit. These things should be put in balance."

"Viagra. My initial feeling about it was that this could save marriage. Obviously Till death do us part is in there because someone knew you don't go through any relationship exactly the same way every day, day after day."

On Being Single...

"I like that I can come and go as I like. When I want to leave a party, I leave. But there are nights when anybody who lives alone says Oh, I don't want to be lonely or has all the fears that people have. That's another way of saying I'm wide open."

On Aging and Being 70...

"Definitely aging has improved my character, there's no doubt about that, simply because of the things you can't do."

"One of the things I noticed about turning 70 was I hadn't felt young for my age since I was 50. When I was 70, I thought, Geez, I'm doin' great!"

"Sidney Poitier said something about aging to me that gave me the most positive vibe. He says, 'Jack, you're not going to believe it. When I turned 70, I got a burst of energy. I do not know where it came from.' Sure enough, he certainly was right, where I'm concerned."

On being a father...

"I want to be inspirational, or some kind of good influence on them without overburdening them. It's their time of life to find out who they are."

"They like going to the ball games with me. And they are very comfortable around show business; they are good set rats. They walked in on my death scene in The Departed. I said, 'If I can get these two kids really worried, I'm doin' my job!'".

"What I don't want to pass along is my irrational fears. They can be perfect kids, they can try to do everything right and you're in the lap of the gods. This is the eternal vulnerability that you have with your children."

Nicholson has also been recognized with an AARP The Magazine Movies for Grownups Award with his latest film, The Bucket List, winning for Best Buddy Picture and the Reader's Choice Award for overall Best Movie for Grownups. The 2008 Movies for Grownups Awards are also featured in the March/April issue of the magazine and will be presented on February 4, 2008 in a private awards gala in Los Angeles.

An Image of the March/April cover of AARP The Magazine featuring Jack Nicholson is available upon request.

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